Cancelling Broadband contract early...

  ivesy 17:35 30 Apr 2007

I'm about 2 or 3 months into a contract with Sky for my Broadband which is I think a 12 month contract. I want to cancel it.

The reason is most days it takes about an hour to get online and when I'm on I'm getting speeds that make dial up internet look fast!.

I've rang the helpline and emailed for help. But I'm still no further forward. When I do get through I'm told the reason for this is often put down to dodgy filters, poor phone line, BT, cables etc in fact anything that isn't Sky's fault.

The thing is using the SAME phone line, cables etc I have had none of these problems in the past using the service from AOL, Wanadoo/Orange and Tesco!

My question here is do I have the right to cancel due to poor service? I've mentioned in my email this is the main reason for asking for the MAC code and cancelling my subscription.

Has anyone else out there done this? I feel I'm in the right here. And I don't want to pay any penalty charges either!

As ususal any help or advice would be appreciated!

  Kate B 17:47 30 Apr 2007

Unless you can prove definitively - and that would be hard to do - that it's Sky's fault, I think you'd have to pay the full 12 months. You might get a BT engineer to come out and look at your cabling, though.

  ivesy 18:04 30 Apr 2007

I hear what you are saying Kate but my point here is using the same PC, phone lines, filters etc with 3 other ISP's I've NEVER had the problems I'm experiencing now.

I've had my line checked and according to BT it's fine. So surely it's Sky's fault. Again I hear what your saying it will be difficult to prove. But has anyone out there managed to cancel early?

  Kate B 18:12 30 Apr 2007

You'd have thought so, but why don't you ask Sky to send out an engineer so they can satisfy themselves that the problem is indeed their end? Also, have you checked on any forums to see if anyone else has the same problems? I think proving it might be tricky.

  postie24 18:36 30 Apr 2007

Are you using a wireless connection by any chance?
If so,is it secured so nobody can use your bandwidth,hence the reason for slow or no connection if too many people using it.

  ivesy 18:54 30 Apr 2007

Yeah it's a wireless connection and it's security enabled. Thinking about it as I only pay £5 a month for this "service" I'm considering paying the £45 (5X9 months) I may still owe Sky for the remainder of the year! Yes things are THAT BAD! I've really had my eyes opened with Sky and want to jump ship ASAP!

  Wizards_Sleeve 21:59 30 Apr 2007

can you not ask for a MAC code and migrate to a new ISP?? Not sure if there is something n your contract preventing you doing that.

click here
click here

hope this helps.

  Dipso 23:14 30 Apr 2007

I know it's annoying but £45 is not that much compared to other providers. You could be expected to pay around £30 a month for each month of the contract remaining with some.

I know you are not asking for help with the line problem but if you can post your line stats maybe a solution could be offered. click here for a utility that will get these for you under "Get detailed modem stats"

  spuds 23:29 30 Apr 2007

Each ISP may have slightly different terms and conditions, so it is best to read what you signed up for. If it is a 'tied' twelve month or eighteen month contract, then you might have grounds for early cancellation, if you can prove without doubt that the fault lies with the service provider. You may have a let out via The Supply of Goods and Services Act under Consumer Law.Try contacting Ofcom click here for further advice

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