Cancellation of an account with 1 & 1

  KPMG 14:33 01 Nov 2004

Has anyone had problems cancelling an account with 1 & 1? Their online cancellation procedure does not appear to work. I am now being hounded by debt collectors for payment of a service I am not receiving and no-one at 1 & 1 is prepared to help. I have been going round in circles with them since March 2004!

  spuds 17:40 01 Nov 2004

I use 1&1 and have done so for ages,without any problems, but I know that they have had a few difficulties of late. The FE was in touch with 1&1 main man recently,perhaps he can pass your problem query onto them,if he doesn't already have the answer to your question.

  Forum Editor 18:21 01 Nov 2004

plus information about when you cancelled etc. please, and I'll see what I can do.

  Forum Editor 22:55 01 Nov 2004

I have been in touch with 1&1 and asked them to look into this as soon as possible. With any luck you'll be hearing from them very soon. Perhaps you would be kind enough to post back in this thread when they contact you, so we can see what happens?

  Hunte® 13:14 04 Nov 2004

I recently cancelled an account with 1&1. A very long winded way of doing it with starting off online then having to send by post or fax a cancellation form. It took about 2-3 weeks for my cancellation to be actioned.

  Sparrowhawk 13:27 04 Nov 2004

Mr KPMG, as a formal guy as one can expect considering your name, you should know the fax works better than online forms.

I did cancel last month an account with them.
The procedure was:
1- Go online to register for cancellation
2- Print cancellation form with automated number
3- Fill it and sign it
4- Fax it

I have been reimbursed for the remaining part of the month I had not used, without having asked anything.

  KPMG 08:33 05 Nov 2004

It appears, in my angst, that I did not accurately detail my predicament. Perhaps I need to explain that the 'online' part was easy. However, 1 & 1 have chosen not to acknowledge receipt of a document sent by the old fashioned, and usually reliable, fax method of communication. I have actually faxed the relevant document on more than one occasion since March.

Indeed 1 & 1 seem to lack the most old fashioned means of communication, and the most fundamental aspect of customer care, by which I mean talking, man-to-man talking.

Of course the most annoying aspect to all this is that I have never used their service. As far as I was concerned I had cancelled the 'account' two days after it was opened ... and took my custom elsewhere.

Maybe I have just been unlucky.

  Sparrowhawk 10:43 05 Nov 2004

Depending on your package, it could be that a minimum of 6 months is required.
I did buy a package from 1&1 with MS Frontpage 2003 and other softwares 'for free' and they asked me to sign for 6 months.

BUT, if you did cancel within 7 days, they should have made no difficulties.
If you have trace of your fax(es), they must cancel your subscription and reimburse unused months.

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