Cancel my dial up account tiscali.

  Tick Tock 23:23 26 Apr 2005

I want to cancel my dialup account tiscali £14.99
a month paid by credit card also my old pay as you
go account is still classed as active although i
have not used that one for two years i want a clean
break. Can anyone tell me the best way to go
about it as i have seen on this forum people
having canclled accounts and still had payments
taken from their credit card months after they

  Stuartli 13:17 27 Apr 2005

Ring Tiscal on 0845-072-2224.

By the way, existing Tiscali dialup customers can have 1Mbps broadband for the same price as AnyTime (14.99) - you should have had an e-mail to that effect.

  Stuartli 13:47 27 Apr 2005

By the way, you can e-mail Tiscali Billing at [email protected] or call on 0870-744-9966.

  Tick Tock 17:32 28 Apr 2005


Thanks for the help i have not had a e-mail
so far offering BB upgrade for £14.99.

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