Can you tell me please???

  Julian-205848 07:22 25 Feb 2005

I have been looking at computers but am stumped as to what is the difference between intel pentium 4 and intel pentium 4 prescott??

I have seen a few computers offering this prescott spec but is it the same as p4 or what??

Thanks a confused (still) computer wannabe buyer

  €dstowe 08:25 25 Feb 2005

For the general user the difference would not be of any great importance.

Choose the computer that you consider best value for money.

  cycoze 09:54 25 Feb 2005

The Prescotts have a bigger L2 cache 1mb compared to the older version at 512k and improved architecture is about the sum of it .

This click here will explain it far better than i can.

  TomJerry 12:11 25 Feb 2005

almost all P4 you can get now are presoctt, it is not easy to find any P4 Northwood anymore.

  Jackcoms 12:12 25 Feb 2005

The prescott also has 2 jags.

  Colin 12:20 25 Feb 2005

And extra punch!

  Julian-205848 12:26 25 Feb 2005

Hi All, Thanks for the info. I was getting confused. So it would appear that most computer providers aqre offering pentium 4 with 1mb cache which must be the prescottpec then. Thanks for clearing my understanding

  iscanut 15:40 25 Feb 2005

Prescott is also a heavy consumer and has many off days !

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