Can you return laptop with 'faulty software'??

  Est88 21:59 16 Aug 2010

Basically I bought a laptop from PC World last September (2009) from PC World (bit of a mistake I now realise)

This is briefly the problems I've had:

A month after buying it my screen turned grey, a courrier came to collect it, it was sent for repair and came back saying 'no fault found' however the screen still didn't work. I took it in store where it was fixed.

About a month later it failed to load into windows. I called the Techguys and was told to use my recovery discs. This didn't work.I also tried loading on a new OS which didn't work. I took it in store where they were very rude. I said I wasn't satisfied with it and ideally wanted a refund (if not then a replacement). Eventually after much discussion (arguing) they took it to be fixed. I was told it had a faulty hard drive and a total of 37 repairs done to it, inc. a new hard drive and memory.

Again a month later the same fault occured. I took it into store and asked for a refund/replacement. I was told this wasn't possible. I said it was not of satisfactory quality. I was then told by the smirky sleezy sales assistant that PC World sell so many laptops some are bound to be faulty which is why they give you a warranty and offer a repair. I pointed out that they had failed to repair it twice before to be told that they repair so many laptops that some are bound to not be repaired properly!?!??

Anyway they took the laptop and repaired it. They also told me that the previous repair they told me had been done was not actual possible in that timeframe! Meaning they lied to me.

Since then my laptop has repeatedly failed to load into windows, sometimes I can use my recovery discs and sometimes they don't work so I have to take it in store.

I have seen the manager and said this is not acceptable. But he says as now this is a software issue not my hard drive it is not their responsibility! Is this true? If so who do I take this up with?

ATM I'm stuck with a laptop that can't be used for more than a week or two without needing to be recovered. Because I don't trust it I don't have anything (office, photos, music etc) on it. Apart from the inconvinience, I'm worried the constant failiure to load up is a sign of a more serious fault and soon it is out of warranty!

Sorry this is so long. Does anyone have any advice? Who should I see about software issues?


  rickf 22:36 16 Aug 2010

Others more experienced will tell you that this cannot be. Faulty software will just failed to work on the specific prob. Unless, he was saying the OS is faulty whcih I have never come across.
As said, others more experienced may well correct me if I am wrong. Doesn't sound like a s/ware prob to me

  spuds 22:42 16 Aug 2010

I hope that you have kept full details as to the times and dates and what was wrong, because you may need them. Having thirty seven faults in less than a year would perhaps make it worth contacting Consumer Direct click here or your local trading standards for further advice.

If you purchased the laptop with a credit card, the credit card provider might be able to offer a resolution to the problems.

  Est88 22:47 16 Aug 2010

unfortunately I didn't use a credit card. I have some dates but not all. I haven't had 37 problems with it, that's just how many they claimed to have fixed one time they supposedly repair it!

My main problem is I know nothing about computers and they seem to just think as I'm a 21 year female they can just fob me off (or that's how it feels!) When they say it's just a software issue and it's not their problem, I don't know what I can do/say to change this! I don't think it's a software issue myself, but I can't prove this.

Thanks for the replies so far :)

  Forum Editor 00:23 17 Aug 2010

of a problem that on the surface appears to be straightforward. Your laptop obviously has a problem, so you return it to the supplier to be repaired.

That's the theory, at any rate. Unfortunately the reality is almost always far more complex. When you bought this machine your contract was with PC World. The TechGuys is part of DSG Retail Limited, and so is PC World, so when you talk to The TechGuys you are talking to the same company - the people with whom you had a contract. Don't listen if anyone tries to tell you otherwise.

The supplier is liable to repair or replace the computer free of charge if it develops a fault at any time in the first six months following the date of purchase - in such a case the law assumes the fault was there on the day of purchase unless the retailer can demonstrate otherwise. In your case the machine did develop a fault inside that timeframe, and the supplier did repair it, although it sounds as though the repair (or repairs - there seem to have been several) didn't work.

You still have a faulty machine, almost a year after you bought it, and now the retailer appears to be attempting to disclaim any further responsibility - you're being told there's a software issue, and it's not their responsibility.

The law says that if a retailer attempts a repair and it isn't successful you still have the same rights as before you agreed to the repair. The problem in your case is that the retailer claims the current problem is a different one - not the same one that was dealt with originally,and that as it's a software problem it isn't PC World's liability.

There's an asumption being made there - The TechGuys are assuming there's a software problem. try telling them that you reject the computer as 'not fit' under the terms of current consumer legislation. Make sure you keep a note of dates, and of who says what. Don't forget to tell the company that you are consulting PC Advisor over this issue.

Come back to your thread and let us know how you get on.

  lotvic 11:25 17 Aug 2010

What make and model of laptop is it?

sometimes there are 'known issues' with models - design faults (like overheating causing failure to load OS)

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