Can You Recommend a Printer for Printing on Discs.

  southpaw 14:32 22 May 2005


Can anyone recommend a good, reasonably priced printer for printing on cds.

I am in a band and would like to print our name, logo and details on the disc. A more professional look than a sticky label and there isn't the danger of the disc getting stuck in the cd player because of a sticky label malfunction!!

Any recommendations, prices links very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

  Dizzy Bob 14:55 22 May 2005

You could try lightscribe technology. You get great results but the process can be quite slow. (about 25 minutes on best quality per disc)

The label is etched using the laser in the DVD drive, and at the moment is only mono, so no colour reproductions i'm afraid.

The quality of labelling is excellent (imo) and the philips unit i have had for a couple of months has been great.

Link below for HP version

click here


Dizzy Bob

  ajm 14:57 22 May 2005

I use the canon i865. however that is a discontunued model.

Two models to consider are the canon ip3000 and the ip 4000, £89.99 and £99.99 respectively. To give teh cds a glossy look, i would recommend using a glossy sray varnish to spray on the cd once it is printed.

  Dizzy Bob 15:18 22 May 2005


The link in my first post is incorrect, please ignore.

Try Ebuyer, and use the search box to look for "lightscribe" and you will get a chice of a few products.

Apologies again.

Dizzy Bob

  welshwizard712 15:30 22 May 2005

click here

I got this from Ebuyer. Excellent all roudn printer for photos and what not.

CD Prints are out of this world and at the price its a bargain.

Hope this Helps


  jakimo 15:33 22 May 2005

The Epson R200 & R300 will do the job

  southpaw 15:44 22 May 2005

Thanks so far guys.

I would like to add colour if possible.

Just one question though, how effective (or not?) is the inkjet print on any types of disc and not just those that are "inkjet printable CDs"?

  siouxah1 16:20 22 May 2005

At present am using the Canon iP5000.

This has software with it to design your own disc graphics and text. (In colour.) Try here for printer.

click here

The software is a little limited but does the job.

Printing on discs that are not special for printing leaves undrying gooey mess that wipes off.

I have had great success.

Cannot comment on availability of CDs but plenty of DVD. But you might try here

click here


  siouxah1 16:22 22 May 2005

Oh dear.

I have had great success with the printable type and not the gooey mess ones.

I must read that which I have written before pushing the button.


  southpaw 16:52 22 May 2005

Thanks Brian.

I use SVP alot, but at the moment I have a load of "normal" cds which I'd like to be able to use too without having to buy a load of new cds.

Although I like the price of the inkjets and the versatility a lot.

  leo49 17:00 22 May 2005

I use an R300 and the results are very professional looking.You must use printable discs with any brand of inkjet printer.

One proviso - I produce a lot of printed CDRs[50+ per week].Epson have admitted to me in correspondence that the R200/300 are not designed for producing large numbers of discs - the tray template is quite a large thin piece of plastic and consequently bendy.With heavy use this quickly fails to line up properly with the guide mechanism and a little push is needed to get it started and you have to be on hand to ensure it comes fully out on completion which becomes very tedious after a while. Epson say they only included the CDR printing facility in expectation that it would only be used very infrequently.

Check out the number of ads on Ebay for new trays which shows it's a major problem.

My mate has just replaced his R200 with a Canon as siouxah1 has and it's a considerable improvement. The tray is considerably shorter than the Epson one and thus more rigid and less inclined to deviate.It also prints a disc in a third of the time.

My next printer will be the Canon.

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