Can you recommend a good computer supplier

  apatia77 10:46 25 Feb 2005

Who would you buy your next computer from (or just computer components). It seems that people have very limited choice (only big comanys offer great value for their products - but theirs support sucks). My first computer was bought from Time - don`t need to tell you more when I had some problems with it, you know their service.

My second computer was from (becaouse of good service I had with them in the past) - received computer not as advertised and still dealing with credit card provider to sort it out - get my money back or computer as advertised.

I`ve been checking PCA Forum for a while now, also I`ve been buying PCA and there`re lots of good cheap computers, however I found from this forum that after sale service most of the time is terrible.

So what to do if you want a good gaming computer or just a cheap one (or just computer components). Who do you recommend.

  Maturin 11:03 25 Feb 2005

If you are intent on purchasing the cheapest machine be prepared for trouble if your purchase does not work. Computers sellers are the new double glazing companies. After many years of chasing a bargain, I am now committed to purchasing from John Lewis when I need a base unit or laptop: products work as advertised, there is a 2 year back to base warranty (3 years for monitors; 12 months for laptops, I think). The price and range is not as great as the internet, but you get a product from a company with a respected record of customer service.

The stories on this forum (and elswhere ) about Mesh/Dell/Tiny and recently Overclockers makes me very nervous spending £1000 on a new system with these "computer household" names.

As contributors have suggested before, customer service should feature in PC Adviser reviews to help the unwary.

  apatia77 11:24 25 Feb 2005

I do not want go to cheap. I do not mind paying more for a good computer but I do not want to pay £2000 for a £1000 computer. The one I got from Overclockers was not so cheap and it is made from best brand components. Guess I was unlucky that I have some problems with it.

I will remember that John Lewis has a good service (if you ever need to have after sale service with them).

  Starfox 11:54 25 Feb 2005

Can recommend these if you want quality click here

  Chris25 12:23 25 Feb 2005

Judging by the lack of complaints about them on these forum pages, Novatech would certainly seem to qualify as a good supplier. Limited range of configuration options though.

  GibsonSt19 12:38 25 Feb 2005

Until a few months ago, I think I would have agreed wholly whith your point of view, however after seeing people like Alders (another outfit offering great warranties like John Lewis) go down the tubes, I don't think that going with the big, old fashioned stores is necessarily the best way any more.

Personally, I think learning to build your own systems carries with it great value for money. Not only can you deal with each component seperately, you're already in a position whereby if you 've built the machine, there's a good likelihood that you'll understand what's gone wrong, and have the ability to rectify the problem yourself.

  apatia77 13:12 25 Feb 2005

Well I know how to install a new graphic card, dvd-rw, hdd or new power supply - this is what I installed to my old Time computer. However I`m scarred to install new processor, especially cpu cooler - I think that`s one of the most difficult parts in making your own build.

Anyway I`m just searching at this moment, still got to sort out my current problems with my new system (do not know how long it will take and if I get my system fixed or money back).

  Happy Soul 13:36 25 Feb 2005

Novatech without a doubt. click here and have a look at their Barebones systems. You can transfer many of your existing hardware easily.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:36 25 Feb 2005

PCW and your problem is solved.


  PeterB 14:06 25 Feb 2005

I have bought 2 computers and numerous bits of kit from Novatech and would not hesitate to recommend them for good value and service.

  stylehurst 14:37 25 Feb 2005

I have been dealing with Novatech for over 10 years & have never had any problems.
They are helpful & reliable, I would recommend them

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