Can you have too much security?

  User-83AB2F64-1AFA-4340-86DD0AAE3B626A48 16:33 25 Jan 2005

I was going to install the Security Suite that is on the CD that has come with the current issue of the PA magazine when I wondered whether it would clash with what is already on the computer. From earlier copies of the magazine I've got a web-washer, a privacy program, and a pop-up blocker: Norton antivius and spam blocker was put on when I bought the machine: I'm on BT Broadband Basic which has protection.
Are these programs likely to interfere with one another?

  david.h 16:47 25 Jan 2005

I have found freebie's on mag CD's mostly very poor. I would follow the recomendations you see reading the forum.
you only need one anti virus & firewall plus some anti spyware
microsoft/spywareblaster/spybot/adaware/a2 are the ones often mentioned in the forum

  Totally-braindead 23:08 25 Jan 2005

Personally I wouldn't recommend running 2 programs to do the same thing on a PC, theres too much of a chance of conflicts. I just uninstalled Norton Antivirus from my PC a few weeks ago as I wanted to try AVG which is free. AVG works perfectly so far but its only been a few weeks. I didn't want to risk running both anti-virus programs on my PC at the same time. Bit of a warning here I found Norton a bit differcult to remove, only finally got it out by downloading the Antivirus removal tool from Symantic and that wasn't all that easy to find either. Got the cover disk you're on about in front of me just now but I haven't actually tried it, depends on two things really, whether you can install just a bit of it ie can you just install the parental controls for example and leave the rest off or do you have to install all of it? The other thing I notice is it says on the cover "includes 6 months of free updates!!" So after 6 months how much does it cost?

  citadel 18:10 26 Jan 2005

If you wany a fast computer it is best to have only the programs you really need.

  ARomeo 18:26 26 Jan 2005

You will be familiar with my earlier rant about Norton and please if you haven't already done so see my latest replies in that thread.

Running two different antivirus programs together is definitely not advisable. This is not only limited to programs doing the same job but for example there is a known conflict with running Webroot's Spysweeper and Norton 2004. They combine to cause a serious system resource hike (Spysweeper does not do this with other antivirus software as far as I'm aware).

Also of course switch off Win XP SP2 firewall if you already have another firewall in place. Most firewalls will turn off the SP2 one when installed.

A tip I got recently is that it's worth finding out the Antivirus software used by your ISP and choosing a different one, but I'm not computer savvy enough to know if this is really of any benefit.

So in answer to the original post, YES, you can have too much security.

  Gaz 25 00:20 27 Jan 2005

real time scanner for every threat...

One antivirus scanner : Real time...

One antispyware scanner : Real time

One Trojan detector : Real time

One Dialer control : Real time

One Firewall : Realtime

Yet, you can install as many as you like - on demand scanners... Just don't install the real-time scanning on your second scanners or disable the real-time scanner.

I run NOD32 / Norton / Trend Micro / Panda and F-prot on one computer... but.. only Norton runs realtime, the rest are just on-demand.

For spyware, Microsoft Antispyware is real-time, the rest are on-demand.

As for firewall, I just have a hardware firewall and a software firewall on eevry PC. I don't install two of these.

Many thanks for your comments and helpful advice.

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