Can you give me help choosing a laptop please?!

  hayball2001 14:12 19 Sep 2008


I need a laptop for uni, and ive now narrowed it down to two laptops which i can afford- the Acer aspire 5720 and the 5920.

The Acer aspire 5720 comes with an 160GB hard disk drive, 2 GB of memory with a Processor Speed of 2.2GHz and a Processor Cache of 4MB.

The 5920 comes with 2 GB of memory, 250GB hard drive, Processor Speed of 2GHz and Processor Cache 2Mb.

Which one do i go for? There is only £20 difference in price.

Processor or hard disk drive?

Also what does 'processor cache' mean?

  chub_tor 14:45 19 Sep 2008

My opinion: go for the biggest hard drive, space is more important than speed.

  Sacred 20:39 19 Sep 2008

I disagree with the above, I would personally choose speed over space. Mainly because you can get a USB hard drive for fairly cheap (even a USB flash drive if need be which you can get in 4-8gb which is a nice size).

That and upgrading a laptop is a difficult process, you can solve the hard drive space problem easily whereas you can't increase the overall speed of your processor easily.

What would you be using the laptop for?

My current uni laptop is a macbook pro 17" and I only have a 120gb hard drive, yet can fit everything I've ever wanted on here (including 70gb of songs and movies). Just remember things like word documents and other uni work takes up very very little space.

As far as I remember concerning your processors cache, its to do with the speed it can access your computers memory.

Hope this helps :)

  hayball2001 21:32 19 Sep 2008

Thankyou. Its really just going to be used for word processing, and going on the internet for research etc.

We are going to get an external hard drive for our desktop pc, so i suppose i could use that for the laptop if needed?

  Totally-braindead 22:14 19 Sep 2008

You could indeed use an external drive. Personally I would be wanting to get the faster laptop, for 2 reasons, laptops are hard to upgrade and Vista, which is what I presume they will have does ask a lot of all the hardware so personally I think the faster one would be a better investment.
And cache is basically a super fast memory, its more complicated than that but in general the more cache a processor has the faster it would be able to perform. Now as to how much faster the 2.2ghz 4meg cache processor would be over the 2ghz 2 meg cache processor I do not know and am unsure as to whether it would be that obvious, it would be faster but whether there would be some sort of obvious performance boost is debatable.
I would still go for the faster processor though.

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