Can setanta sports do this??

  Davie_k 14:17 12 Dec 2006

Last year i paid for a year subscription to setanta sports ( credit card ) for the football but due to losing my job i wasn't going get it again this year!. But when i got my bill in today they had taken another £180.00 of it? is this legal for them to take it without asking? thank you

  Vangeliska 14:20 12 Dec 2006

Depends whether your contract was for automatic renewal, best contact your CC issuer and advise Setanta that you no longer wish their service.

  grumpygramp 14:33 12 Dec 2006

Don`t know whether it is legal or not .But I would have thought a firm like setanta Sports would not do anything illegal. Most of my Direct Debit firms usually write and say it about to expire but not to do anything unless I want to cancel .I quite often write well before a suscription expires to say I do not wish to renew when my present subscription runs out.
Have you tried to contact them to say you do not wish to renew ??.They might well refund your money . It`s worth a try.
Thinking about it I think maybe a Direct Debit is an ongoing agreement so they have no need to ask .
However there are some members here who are more versed in legal matters than me , so see what they say.

  Vangeliska 14:43 12 Dec 2006

Lots of companies will have a clause (a bit sneaky, but there you go) saying that they will automatically renew your subscription. They also usually state that you should advise them 30 days before expiry of the old contract that you do not wish to renew (also sneaky).

  Z1100 14:50 12 Dec 2006

You would think that about most big player or all of them even. But look here click here Espionage!

  grumpygramp 18:28 12 Dec 2006

Z1100 point taken, but it is comparitively rare .

  Totally-braindead 18:30 12 Dec 2006

Contact them, inform them you had no notification of the renewal and that you no longer want it as you cannot afford it and are not happy about them just taking the money with no warning at all and see what they say first.

  spuds 18:51 12 Dec 2006

Like most things of this type, there will be a clause or something in the original terms and conditions possibly about taking future subscriptions. Check what you have signed up for, then contact the company and the credit card company for further advice. A 'rolling' payment arrangement by credit card is different to a standing order or direct debit agreement.

  mike1967 19:02 12 Dec 2006

If you paid by continous payment its not illegal its up to you to cancel it

  laurie53 05:53 13 Dec 2006

Don't they all have an agreement with the banks to give a refund if they take a payment which is not actively agreed?


  anchor 10:58 13 Dec 2006

As Totally-braindead stated, contact them immediatly, and also your CC company, explaining your situation, and cancel the agreement and payment.

Follow this up with a letter sent by special delivery.

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