Can I return item without original package?

  puma22 07:58 14 May 2007

I woundered if someone can offer some advice? I bought a trampoline for a birthday present about 3 weeks ago. When we opened it, some of the pieces were missing. We contacted the supplyer straightaway and they promised to send out the missign parts. A week and a hlaf goes by so I conact them again last week. The items have still not been sent out. Meanwhile, we have a small house and had nowhere to store the 2 large boxes. The cardboard has disintegrated in the rain. What are my rights? The contents are now inside under cover, but we do not have the boxes and have lost faith int he missing items bening sent.
BTW husband payed and used a debit card rather than a credit.

  Stuartli 10:13 14 May 2007

If your debit card has the Visa sign then your bank should offer very similar support to that of a credit card.

  lisa02 11:52 14 May 2007

Who was the supplier?

I'm buying one of these in the next couple of weeks, either 10 or 12 feet with enclosure.

  Stuartli 12:20 14 May 2007

Surely you don't want a trampoline with missing parts..:-)

  bjh 12:47 14 May 2007

I think (think, not know) that if you wish to return an item for a refund, it is your responsibility to return it in a condition that has not devalued the item for the retailer, even if the item is faulty/parts missing (or just unwanted).

By the packaging dissolving, you have reduced the value of the item - in effect, you have used & accepted it.

Stuartli is normally bang on right, but I'm not sure that having the Visa sign on the card does give you any extra backup through the card. However, I think the card issuer - even a credit card issuer - could (could, not would) use the same argument, that you could have looked after the packaging (put it in the kids bedroom, and put them outside, I suppose!) and then the item could then be returned.

I'd stick with the supplier, being polite. I wouldn't say that you have damaged the packaging, but maybe say something along the lines that after another week it will be impossible to ensure the packaging remains intact, and should they have failed to send out the parts by then, you may have to return the item without all the packaging.

From the supplier's position, the timescale so far is not unreasonable. If they are trying to source the parts, it might reasonably take 21 days. They did sound as if they were trying at first, so I'd keep trying to get the parts.

  puma22 13:36 14 May 2007

Thanks for all the helpful responses.
bjh, your approch sounds good. They were very apologetic and on the first contact said that the parts would be with us within five days. Howver, 2.5 weeks later, I'm getting a worried that they won't deliver. I think that's why we left it outside. We thought, OK, the parts will be along inside a week and we'll just put it together then.
Lisa, since ordering it, I've seen them cheaper else where. I think it was mentioned that B&Q have them in store and Woolies have them at a good price on their site (it want one of these we bought through).
Stuartli, thanks ofr the advice, I'll remeber that in future, but in light of what bjh says, we may be on think ice with this. I'll give them a few more days and see whether the parts turn up.

I'll keep you all posted
Thanks again

  puma22 13:37 14 May 2007

want = wasn't sorry

  Stuartli 13:39 14 May 2007

It certainly applies in the case of my Halifax debit card (formerly Switch, now Visa)...:-)

In fact this information, which I have passed on here before, came to light back in 2004 via the Martyn Lewis website, where the Halifax Press Officer confirmed several times to doubters that Visa's backing would prove very similar to its credit card support.

I didn't state in the earlier posting that it would be the same support by Visa, merely similar.

  Tim1964 17:07 14 May 2007

Re packaging,

What if an item comes in one of those vacuum sealed rigid plastic packets? e,g, cheapo mp3 players, SD cards etc. The item cannot be sold again as the pack needs cutting open to get the item out.

I try and just cut the bottom open in case the item is faulty. Maybe it's a proof of purchase kind of thing?

  STREETWORK 18:17 14 May 2007

The packaging should not affect your basic consumer rights to either a full refund or replacement. This from our trading standards...

  jolorna 19:51 14 May 2007

have you asked the place you brought it from as most do not expect you to save the box if it is large item

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