Can I refuse an ISP's free modem?

  lukealexander 00:08 09 May 2006

I am with Bulldog at the moment using my own wireless modem/router, and also have 2 old BT Voyager modems and I have no desire to have another cluttering my house.

I am moving house soon and don't rate Bulldog at all (constant DNS issues) and want a new ISP.

Do any ISP's offer a rebate for not accepting their modem? What do you guys do with your spare modems?

  Forum Editor 00:49 09 May 2006

these modems often remain the property of the ISP involved, so don't be in a hurry to dispose of them - although you're unlikely to be asked to return one.

  lukealexander 01:00 09 May 2006

Yes, but most foist them on you automatically with their "connection pack". I just wanted to know if there was any financial or other benefit to using your own equipment and declining theirs.

  Forum Editor 01:08 09 May 2006

but there's no harm in asking them.

  spuds 09:02 09 May 2006

You will find that some ISP's put no cash value on the modems they supply as a starter package, as they are classed as 'free'. Tiscali use to supply (may still) the Alcetal/Thomsom SpeedTouch 330 or the Sagem [email protected] 800, whichever was available at the time.

So in giving a answer, being supplied for 'free' would suggest that they have no discount cash value, but best to check with the particular ISP for clarification as to their terms and conditions.

  Arnie 09:25 09 May 2006

ntl supplied my model 100 cable modem.
On the back of the case is a label clearly marked 'Property of ntl'.

I seem to remember at one time it was possible to buy their modems outright, but after one year any repairs would be the responsibility of the customer.
I opted to have the box replaced under a continuously running guarantee and therefore it remains ntl's property.

Read the contract Luke and also any details on the modem's casework.
Good advice from the FE, "don't be in a hurry to dispose of them"

  Stuartli 12:58 09 May 2006

Some of Tiscali's Sagem modems are branded Tiscali on the top.

However, my understanding is that once the 12 month contract period has finished you may keep it, along with the ADSL microfilters.

  spuds 13:36 09 May 2006

Just to add to the Tiscali possibilities. I had a problem with their broadband service, and the SpeedTouch modem was the suspect. Tiscali sent me a Sagem modem,as a possible cure.

To cut a long story short, under the terms of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, as these modem's were supplied 'free', that act didn't really apply. Tiscali requested neither payment or return of the modems or filters.

  bruno 19:21 09 May 2006

I use Metronet and they do not supply modems when you sign up with them.Thet have a transfer fee of £9.99 if you are already on broadband.Their prices are very reasonable,depending ,of course,on your download requirements.I pay £13.75 for a 1mb connection with a 3gb monthly allownace.It has been completely reliable for over two years.

  lukealexander 21:02 09 May 2006

I am gonna post another thread shortly about looking for a new ISP with a few more details, if you people are interested after the multitude of similar questions.

Thanks for the help on the modem. :-)

  Stuartli 21:15 09 May 2006

But now expensive...:-)

Tiscali's website is offering 1MB unlimited for £12.99 a month and, for the same price, you can get the same BB deal + free weekend phone calls package.

However, I've signed up for TalkTalk's remarkable bargain - the phone service is already up and running (I was already a One.Tel subscriber, which is under the TT umbrella) and the BB comes on stream on June 5th.

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