can i get a refund?

  zcftyd9 23:11 27 Apr 2008

I purchased a refurbished desktop computer from Dixons online using my debit card.It was delivered last week.I spent Saturday installing 3 everyday software applications.I then had to shut the computer down and restart it in order for the programmes to install properly.On restarting it said that the factory installed Windows Vista operating system needed activation. When I put in the product key which was written on the computer it then said the operating system was fake. We tried various ways to resolve this. As nothing worked we decided to restore the system to factory settings. This had appeared to work but the computer then refused to restart and gave a message about configuration problems and is now unusable as it wont start up.

I am unhappy with the product and believe it is unfit for purpose and want to get a full refund. Does attempting to install software count as acceptance of the product? Does the fact that it was a refurbished computer mean it was second hand and if so does that affect my rights? Am i entitled to a refund or do I have to accept repairs or replacement? If I ask for a refund do I have to return the computer at my own expense or should they collect it? How do I get my money back?

  961 09:33 28 Apr 2008

The computer should be fit for purpose at purchase and the fact that it is refurbished should make no difference
However, the refurbishing is probably what has caused the problem with the windows activation, and it should be quite easy for this to be corrected
You have 7 days after the receipt of the goods to return them but may well have to pay return charges
I suggest you talk to Dixons and explain what has happened and say you want either a working replacement or a full refund. I don't think you have to accept a repair
If you used a Visa debit card, advise the card company who can arrange to help you get a refund

  HondaMan 10:56 28 Apr 2008

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You have 7 days to return goods.

  pjwheeldon 11:46 28 Apr 2008


  spuds 14:49 28 Apr 2008

The most sensible way at this moment in time, is to contact Dixons and see what they have to say.

  Forum Editor 19:10 28 Apr 2008

Contact Dixons and see what their reaction is. The legal situation is that your consumer rights apply just as much when you buy a used item as when you buy a new one.

The goods must be fit for purpose, and this computer may not be. Talk to the retailer, and let us know if you need further help or advice.

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