Can I get my money back? (consumer rights )

  Mufassa 14:38 06 Jan 2008

Hi all,
I have recently bought a complete upgrade for my system, (this thurs) basically Ive built my own. The case I bought from Maplin, which is excellent quality for the money etc.

The rest of the components I bought from a local dealer, which consisted of:
AS rock motherboard, conroe esata2 1333fsb
intel core 2 duo
mercury 5oo watts psu switching power supply sata compatible
and a western digital 160 gb hdd IDE/SATA/SATA 2 compatible.
I have also installed 2 gb ddr-2 ram
and bfg tech GEForce 8800 gts oc.

Now, the problem is this. Thurs night I couldn't get the hard drive to boot at all. I had error messages from the bios and also had BSOD :(
netldr was missing. so I tried several different methods with no success. I then took it to the shop and they told me I HAD to set it to IDE, which I didn't want.... But it worked. Until it crashed again.
Then after the shop sorted it again, it would only place the hdd as E drive not C, so all software wouldn't install properly..
I took it back yesterday and they said they'd sort it. Yep sure enough, windows was on and it was C drive too.
But using belarc advisor it was showing 160 gb drive with 150 available, but my disc management was/is showing 149 disc with 140 available??
that's 11 gb missing on a new hard drive.
Also, it has crashed again, and it took nearly 35 mins to put nero 7 on the drive, it took 25 mins to install my printer driver and over 30 mins to install a mere 700mb game.....last night. it even took nearly 40 mins to install java for petes sake..

I cant load up progs properly and it wont close them either, without task manager otherwise i get- this prog is not responding etc....

I have asked for an exchange but they wont do it. Anyone know where I stand and what else I can do?
Can I ask for my money back? I bought it all on thursday, and on fri it wasn't working, so i took it back but they even charged me £20 for diagnsotics!!! when i couldn't even boot the hdd!!
I know it's a long thread, and I apologise, but a lot has happened, and I need to put you in the full picture so there is no biased to myself or the owner..

Any suggestions? I would be really very grateful for any help offered.

Thanks for reading

  PO79 15:04 06 Jan 2008

Your rights are explained click here have a browse.

  Mufassa 15:09 06 Jan 2008

Thank you for responding.

I have read this earlier, but i am really not sure where I stand with this, as it's a component, would it still come under electrical appliances etc?

Do the rights still apply as it's an internal part even though it's an item bought separately?
I hope so, I just need a little assurance before I go there tom morning and go mad..... ;-)

  interzone55 15:24 06 Jan 2008

The drive space is explained by the fact that Windows calculates megabytes as 1024x1024 bytes = 1,048,576 bytes, but most drive manufacturers say a megabyte is 1,000,000 bytes, same with a gigabyte. This makes their drives look bigger, but confuses users who are not aware of this disparity. If memory serves there's a court case about this in the US at the moment.

As for the drive running slowly, it looks to be faulty, I would ask for an exchange at the very least, but preferably my money back and buy a drive elsewhere. I like Maxtor & Hitachi drives.

  Mufassa 15:47 06 Jan 2008

Ok thanks very much.
I was aware of the fact that memory sizes are calculated differently, so a tolerance is understandable. But I didn't realise it was that much. I thought it would be 160gb, but show minimum as say 150-155 gb.. Thanks for pointing this out to me.

Yeah, I am seriously unhappy about this, but they are very reluctant to exchange it.. I'm going to have to demand my money back and buy a new one.
I have the feeling that they will not give me a refund or exchange, but I still have to try.

Thanks very much for the help

  interzone55 15:55 06 Jan 2008

Take the disk to a different shop and ask them to check it for you, with a third party report saying the disk is faulty they might be willing to give you a refund

  ICF 16:28 06 Jan 2008

What make of hard drive is it?

  ICF 16:32 06 Jan 2008

Just spotted it's a western digital.Try their own diagnostic software click here

  silverous 17:02 06 Jan 2008

This is a tricky one, to be honest on first reading this it sounds like the shop went above and beyond the call of duty in trying to help you configure a self-build machine. If I was them, supplying individual parts to you and presumably not supplying/installing the software themselves I'd be expecting you to prove a hardware fault so it is tough to be critical of them.

It doesn't sound clear to me that this is a hardware issue as opposed to a software/configuration problem given the earlier problems you had with it (IDE vs non-IDE C: vs E: etc.).

I don't mean to be rude but are you experienced in custom-building and installing the software and drivers, some of your comments lead me to think perhaps otherwise? If not I'd be tempted to get them or someone who is confident to sort it (or do it with assistance e.g. as you are working through here but that might take longer), if they are honest and it is a hardware fault perhaps they won't charge you but if it is a build/software/driver issue then these are things you get with a self-build and the shop supplying the bits can't be expected to fix those for free.

Slow hard drive sounds like something that may be related to drivers, BIOS settings, formatting/partitoning, cabling, jumper settings (on drive/motherboard) etc. Western digital diagnostic seems a good place to start. Could also buy/borrow a cheap drive and connect that up and install to that to see if you have same issue which would at least pin it down.

  Mufassa 17:51 06 Jan 2008


Yeah I am quite confident in setting stuff up, including hardware, software drivers and the like. There aren't any jumpers which need arranging, and there aren't any on the drive either. So it is pre set (default) to be sata2 and cope with the data transfer speed.
I am more than capable of configuring BIOS and CMOS, though I appreciate what you're saying.

I wouldn't say that the shop has gone above and beyond at all. In fact it's quite the opposite- they haven't done enough.I set this up meticulously, and I am always extremely thorough. I take care and always have enough patience for the job. I allow more than enough room for error.

the fact is, this drive would not boot from bios, I created a NTLDR boot disc to install it myself manually. As for IDE vs SATA etc, why should I buy a hard drive capable of coping with SATA/SATA2 interface just to have to run it at IDE? I may as well buy a standard IDE drive which is not capable of such speeds etc. I also want this setting for e-sata etc which as I'm sure you may know, means that IDEA cannot cope with 'hot' plugging, which is something I would like to have on my system. Rather a luxury than necessity.

I have another IDE drive here from a 4 year old compaq presario (and a Dell- another custom build + laptop). P4 with HT and 160 GB. I plugged that in last night just to satisfy my own curiosity, and everything worked fine.
My configuration is spot on, as are my drivers and my BIOS. I don't mean to be rude, but had I not explored all other avenues and possibilities then my own work may be questionable. However with competent self diagnostics and testing this has proven not to be the case.
The hard drive is undoubtedly unstable and is seriously under performing.

Once again, I have already connected another drive and all is well. If there was another explanation,(IE on board wiring on board or drive etc) this would have been highlighted/discovered after Fridays diagnostic with the shop. And I have asked for an exchange as I know the hard drive is at fault and they have refused which is within breach of consumer rights, is it not?
I have previously tested the drive at IDE but I don't see why I should settle for anything less than is what advertised, which is then that they told me had to keep it at IDE

All I wanted to know here is whether or not I am within my rights to ask for a refund. as I am unsure about rights as far as pc components/consumables go.
just because I don't go into serious depth of my situation doesn't mean I am not capable of doing a self build. I am merely trying to keep it relatively straight forward, for users and readers to understand.


  ICF 19:52 07 Jan 2008

Test the drive with Seagate's diagnostic software.Then take it to the shop and ask them to test it with the same software.

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