Can I get a decent enough laptop for under £200

  spot the braincell 08:34 19 Sep 2007

I need to get the kids off my laptop so I can do the occasional bit of work! but it would also be useful for my wife to do her brothers accounting on.

It needs to be wifi and not slow on the internet but that's about as far as it goes. I've seen refurbished ones on ebay and wonder if these are any good or if there is anywhere else online for less than £200

  techie4me 09:19 19 Sep 2007

Have a look @ the 4th one down @ click here

  rickf 09:41 19 Sep 2007

I did buy one off eBay some time back and it worked fine. I had it for a year and then upgraded. Check the seller out first before buying and don't be afraid to ask questions.

  wee eddie 13:28 19 Sep 2007

It will be very basic.

Probably won't even be able to play old games at anything like an acceptable speed, but will do word processing with simple picture storage and manipulation. Maybe even play DVDs but don't expect too much on the sound front.

  spuds 14:15 19 Sep 2007

Only one problem with buying from places like eBay, secondhand and some laptop refurbish dealers, is the battery condition. Replacement can be costly, and some dealers only give a very limited warranty or non at all.

Ask the forum editor, he might have a spare laptop gathering dust in the cupboard somewhere ;o)

  spot the braincell 16:37 19 Sep 2007

If I get one with a docking station would that mean the potential lack of life in the battery wouldn't be a problem

  Tim1964 17:51 19 Sep 2007

If you are thinking of using a docking unit and therefore using it in one place, would you consider a desktop instead? More bang for your buck or same bang for less buck :D

  Stuartli 19:55 19 Sep 2007

Plenty of reasonably priced models at:

click here

I got a very good cheap laptop for under £200 from a company called click here they have a whole section of probably about 20 machines all sub £200. Not sure what the battery warranty is but mine works for approx 1hr which I think is acceptable for a £160 laptop.

  peter99co 11:10 08 Aug 2010

I bought an ACER REVO mini PC and fitted it on the back of a TFT Screen for £185.

  peter99co 11:13 08 Aug 2010

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