can this damage my laptop?

  DonaldGpc 03:59 21 Dec 2006

i never switch my laptop off but a mate warned me it could damage it. is this true?

  sean-278262 06:54 21 Dec 2006

Yes and no. Turning it off will allow it to cool down. I have a power laptop and if it has been on all day encoding video or whatnot the body can be hot to touch. Turning it off will let it come to room temperature. Also the backlight to the screen usually is rated to 30,000 hours so if on all the time you can quickly kill one.

A processor can burn out quickly too. Not got a mean time before failure (MTBF) on them but I have seen people kill them in 2 years with being on all the time. But expect 5 years of non stop use at most.

Then the hard drive. I remember reading these are rated to last 1billion (12 '0's) spins. Thats 2143 days of non stop spinning. So over time these things die. I turn my laptop off every night unless it is encoding something however I have already killing one hard drive in 4 months.

Turning a computer of any sort on will also eventually be its demise as the sudden input of electricity adds wear and tear. Not much but over time it adds up.

Best to turn it off however in my opinion a little rest does it no harm. Very few machines are expected to run non stop why should one of your most expensive items be expected the same of.

  Belatucadrus 11:49 21 Dec 2006

"Turning a computer of any sort on will also eventually be its demise as the sudden input of electricity adds wear and tear. Not much but over time it adds up."

This old chestnut keeps cropping up, the rationale is that the thermal expansion and contraction damages the soldered components on the MOBO. I've never seen any statistics to prove this and I tend to classify it under Urban Myth. My original W95 PC still works despite being turned on and off at least once a day during it's working life, nor have I ever encountered a PC that expired because of this.
I have to agree with your mate, a laptops heat dissipation is usually pretty marginal and there is definite potential to damage it by leaving it on.

  wee eddie 17:35 21 Dec 2006

If you do get up in the morning, you will surely die.

  Diemmess 18:03 21 Dec 2006

Heat is the enemy of any semiconductor device.

Belatucadrus quotes > a laptops heat dissipation is usually pretty marginal <

I would switch my laptop off as soon as I could .... if I had one..that is!

  grumpygramp 18:44 21 Dec 2006

Iwas told on one of these Pensioner computer courses that contantly switching a PC on and off, so that the components heated up then cooled off would shorten a PC life . However it is second nature to me to switch anything off when not in use .I am sure there are many arguments for or against . But I beleive the Jury is still out.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:50 21 Dec 2006

Switching a PC off, when you are not going to be using it, will not shorten it's life.

  sean-278262 19:00 21 Dec 2006

It is a heated battle. I only represent the impartial listing of the whats and what ifs. Turning it off is much better for it as I highlighted but either way will result in the ultimate demise.

And yes turning it on like that can be a demise of a laptop having had it happen by chance. It occured with all other computers in the house being on and booting the laptop. Turned the laptop on and blew it up in a lovely puff of smoke but all other PCs remained fine. You tell me what you want but I have seen it happen. Off is better than on in

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