Can anyone recommend a decent cheapish modem

  erkmatrix 11:14 04 Feb 2004

I'm thinking of finally getting on adsl and well bit unsure with who I'm going to go with, either Metronet or PlusNet. Anyway both of them require me to get the hardware myself and just wanted to know where I could get decent ADSL Modem, I don't want a really expensive just something cheap that does the job.

Also I won't need a router will I as its just the one computer I need it for but what else will I need to get like Microfilters or something.

And is PCI better than USB modem?

Any recommendations please.

Cheers Phil

  JerryJay 13:08 04 Feb 2004

PCI is convenient if you have free slots. No extra outside. You can get a lot of cheap ones from ebuyer,click here for examples PCI one £27 click here, usb one £18 click here. You also need microfilter for each extension, cheap one cost about £1 click here, quality cost more. USB one use more comouter resource and need external power adptor, so PCI one is better.

Just found you can get PCI one cheaper from click here, they also sell quality ADSL filters. It is better to get good micofilter otherwise your phone communication quality will be affected.

  JerryJay 13:11 04 Feb 2004

Follow up, cheaper modem from
click here click here

  erkmatrix 13:22 04 Feb 2004

Cheers, are the PCI easy to install and whats the most popular PCI brand, there seems so many on the market with all the technical mumbo jumbo finding it hard to decide.

What adsl modems do you use?


  JerryJay 13:37 04 Feb 2004

Very easy to install. Possibly, the easest PC part to fit. Switch OFF the machine, DISCONNECT all cables and leave the machine rest for a while. Do not touch any thing you should not such as memory and CPU. Open the case, unscrew the PCI cover plate, put your card in, may need to push hard. Screw the card on. Close the cover. Link all cables and switch on and install drive software follow the instruction.

For me I use a router with build in modem which cost under £40 from Ebuyer, very satisfied with it. I use plusnet £18.99 package and also very satisfied.

  erkmatrix 15:03 04 Feb 2004

cool , sorry for being clueless on all this but a router is that only required if you want to link up say two or more computers in your home.

Or has it other uses and I may need one?

Also Micro Filters, wheres the best place to buy these and do you need more than one as I've seen them sold in packs of six and things, do they run out quickly or something.

Cheers Phil

  [email protected] 15:48 04 Feb 2004

try easy start on plusnet alright the monthly price increases but you do get everything to GO immediately. There is no transparent difference between PCI & USB I use USB no dismantling just plug in & off you go

  JerryJay 16:33 04 Feb 2004

You do not need a router for one PC. But a router has kind of firewall protection kind of thing which is nice. For micro filter, you need one for each phone extension. They are solid and can used for years. You need to get good quality ones because what a filter do is to separate phone signal (low frequency) from internet signal (high frequency). Bad one cannot separate two signals properly and you will hear noise when you use the phone and Internet the same time. The good one I got also sell in Kustompcs click here. I got it from other place which more expensive. click here. Both PCI and USB modem can do the job fine, but USB will use a lot of computer resource and need external power adaptor.

kellysbouncas, Check cpu useage when you download a large file you will see what I mean.

  erkmatrix 17:16 04 Feb 2004

Think I'll go for the MRI PCI ADSL Modem MRIISDL02 £28.20 from click here and then the Micro Filter at £7.93 from KustomPcs.

would that be OK and all I'd need.


  JerryJay 17:31 04 Feb 2004

Technically good choice. The thing I do not like scan is delivery charge.

  Dipso 21:09 04 Feb 2004

"USB will use a lot of computer resource and need external power adaptor."

Not always true. I've never needed an external power adaptor. I think this tends to be if you have issues between the modem and your chipset (VIA) etc.

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