bestmatey3 14:16 27 Nov 2005


Can anyone recomend any cheap, but good music download sites, latest cd albums a must.

Would like sites that give a trial first, but not essential.

Has anyone ever used this site click here


  bremner 14:32 27 Nov 2005

The site you have shown is a Russian site that offers the latest album by Madonna that retails at £8.49 on Amazon or £7.99 at iTunes online music store for $1.08 ie 63p!!!

Make your own mind up.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:19 27 Nov 2005

www .allofmp3. com - Is ment to have very good prices for legal music downloads, I have never tried it myself but maybe worth a try.

NOTE: Uk Copyright laws are NOT always the same as the mp3 host's Copyright laws, so in affect it COULD make the mp3 downloads ilegal...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:21 27 Nov 2005

You need to read the forums of the site that you gave ;-))


  Forum Editor 16:34 27 Nov 2005

One brief look is enough to bring that old adage to mind:-

"Not with a ten-foot pole".

  realist 20:21 28 Nov 2005

Anyone any experience of using Piolet?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:23 28 Nov 2005

You can download music for around 79p a track legally...this is cheap or am I being a tad naive?


  jimmybond 21:57 28 Nov 2005

79p a trach - hmmm - so, for a whole album that equates to about the same cost as if you'd actually bought the CD off Amazon (or possibly more). For which you'd have an uncompressed Hi-FI source instead of squashed down MP3's, a physical disc and album sleeve, and a source from which you could convert to any digital format in the future. bargain.
then there's the fact the 79p is more than anywhere else pays. bargain.
so what if the track is only 20 seconds long. 79p aswell eh? bargain.
Is it any wonder people download them from Limewire/Kazaa for nothing - kidding! - put the handbags/sharp sticks away ;-)

  jimmybond 22:15 28 Nov 2005

oh yeah, i forgot, you can also only ever play I-Tunes downloads on an iPod. another clincher.

  bremner 09:10 29 Nov 2005

"you can also only ever play I-Tunes downloads on an iPod"

That is not the case the files can be converted by burning them to disk and then ripping them back as mp3.

  jimmybond 09:42 29 Nov 2005

really - well that is handy ;-)
like I want to spend £7.99 downloading something from i-Tunes, that is effectively a lower quality DRM version of a CD, when I could actaully BUY the damn disc from CD Wow for £8.75

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