Can anyone help my problem?

  finerty 10:47 21 Oct 2010

Hi Guys,

Can anyone help my problem?

The lining trim thing that runs around the top edge of the door when you shut it, has started coming off. Rear drivers side door (about an inch wide)
Anyone else had this problem?

Is there a fix for it

there a type of glue I can use can anyone recommend a glue


  HondaMan 11:45 21 Oct 2010

Make, model, age.

Some are stuck on, some are clipped on some are riveted on and some run in grooves.

  finerty 14:03 21 Oct 2010

96/97 VW Passat, when i look at it it was stuck on at one time but due to wear and time its come undone.

  finerty 14:03 21 Oct 2010

When mean it was stuck on stuck on using a glue.

  finerty 14:03 21 Oct 2010

When mean it was stuck on stuck on using a glue.

  finerty 14:04 21 Oct 2010

Sorry my return button is little slow today

  jaraba 00:49 22 Oct 2010

Try double sided carpet tape.

  Diemmess 10:05 22 Oct 2010

Perhaps Evo-stik Impact ?
Be careful to coat both surfaces and avoid spreading over any paintwork that will not be covered by the seal.

In case you haven't used it before, the idea is to coat both surfaces, allow a few minutes to dry and then press firmly home.

  onthelimit 10:36 22 Oct 2010

Or use the real thing click here

  finerty 14:26 22 Oct 2010

thank you PC advisor's on the consumer watch forum, i used carpet tape, cut it to size and worked a treat. Thanks again for your kind help. Be back soon if i need any other help

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