can anyone do better??

  westdudes 13:50 15 Feb 2004

hi i just want to post this thread out of interest and if u got nothing to do it might take up some of ur time for fun...

ive just built a computer recently (about 3 weeks ago) ill list the specs in a second. the total cost was around 1200 quid. i know it was about a month ago and prices have dropped on some parts recently....but just out of curiosity..for this price what can you build/buy (£1200) or for the same specs i have got...what would it cost to build it now from wherever you may buy it from?

hope that makes some sense...just something for those who are bored!
the places i got the parts from are, and

(base unit):
eye t ATX 86T
ASUS P4C800E DELUXE motherboard
intel p4 2.8 hyperthreading (800 fsb)
80gb serial ata samsung hard drive
128mb sapphire atlantis pro graphics card
sony cd-writer/dvd rom combo drive (cant member speeds) but about 40quid
7 in 1 matsui card reader
sony floppy disk drive
winfast xp expert edition tv card
cold cathode blue light

Lg flatron L1520b

(mouse and keyboard)
logitech optical mx

medion 5 in 1 (£30 these were)

(os etc)
windows xp oem
epso c44 colour printer

£1200 quid total price,
can you do better (not being big headed, cos id fail, i just wanna know if it can be done)what can you get for this price..or how much can you build the same system for?

  westdudes 13:53 15 Feb 2004

eye t ATX 86T case, ASUS P4C800E DELUXE motherboard, intel p4 2.8 hyperthreading (800 fsb)cpu, 80gb serial ata samsung hard drive, 128mb sapphire atlantis pro graphics card, sony cd-writer/dvd rom combo drive, (cant member speeds) but about 40quid, 7 in 1 matsui card reader, sony floppy disk drive, winfast xp expert edition tv card, cold cathode blue light.

sorry, just re adjusting the spec list....i type it pretty poorly

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:57 15 Feb 2004

Medion, PCWorld...£749 DVD/CD writer (plextor), 512mb RAM 7in1 card reader, 160Gb WD HD.....the list is endless....'nuff said.


  westdudes 14:06 15 Feb 2004

so you reckon i've probably been ripped off??

i did build it myself but im fairly new to computers im just trying to learn a lesson of whether i should bother building my own or not again lol
anyone else think anything?

  westdudes 14:17 15 Feb 2004

just to add yet again my forgetfulness,
the graphics card is a saphire radeon 9800pro 128mb graphics card.

that medion pc is without monitor so with a monitor it probs same price??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:26 15 Feb 2004

You have not been ripped off. The large manufacturers can source components at a fraction of the cost that a single purchaser can find. You have the 'warm' feeling that you have assembled (not built) your own computer but compared with everything that I got on the Medion, including a full media centre (with Philips TV card), Geforce 256mb graphics Sony DVD and power cinema, plus a load of USEFUL progs inc. Word7, fully partitioned HD (three partitions), assembling your own comes a poor second.

It is unlikely that anyone would be able to assemble a similar spec computer at anywhere near £749 with the added bonus that you do not have to wait for shed loads of parts to arrive via snail mail.....pick up the box, take home, unpack, ready and running in 30 mins or less.


  westdudes 15:07 15 Feb 2004

lol yeah is unfortunate i never saw that computer before i built this one.,.ill say this though...if you'd bought that same spec u got from medion but it was sony who built (assembled) would have had to add 500quid at least to the price....

but from my point of view ive learned alot from building this one and what i've learned i would never have got from just buying from a shop :)

also i know i have a good motherboard in mine at least!!! lol (unlike some pc places such as pc world etc selling alot with a really poor motherboards in :( )

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:18 15 Feb 2004

Of course...MSI are such rubbish mohterboard here


  Forum Editor 15:50 15 Feb 2004

is a pointless exercise, unless you have a particular reason for doing it. Perhaps you have a bunch of leftover components, or you have need of a machine that's designed for specific tasks, like heavyweight graphics or video work, or specialised gaming use. Otherwise you'll find that you can, as GANDALF <|:-)>says, buy a machine off the shelf that will be cheaper than the sum of its parts if you bought them via normal retail channels. Such a computer will almost certaqinly work well, right out of the box, and you can get on with whatever you want to do.

On the other hand, you may get enormous pleasure from building your own machine from a pile of parts, and it's probably something that every keen computer user should try at least once. In the past I have built dozens of machines - both for my own use and for clients, but I rarely do so now - there's just too much choice out there, and with most manufacturers it's possible to configure your own machine almost infinitely. Someone else puts it together (and warranties it) and you wait for the ring on the doorbell.

  spuds 16:55 15 Feb 2004

And do not forget- Pre-assembled pc,will have at least a twelve month warranty. All the parts should be fully compatible. O/S usually thrown in.Technician/helpline available.Possibly upgrades at special discounts

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