Can any mobile phones not be unlocked?

  tammer 15:50 27 May 2007

I've a Sony Ericsson w610i and am wondering if I can use my Virgin Media sim card in it? It's currently locked to Orange.

I think all phones can be unlocked one way or another but I'm not 100% sure.

I presume I could take it to one of those shops offering unlocking that are popping up all over the place these days?

  Crash 16:26 27 May 2007

You should be able to unlock the w610i ok. The only phones you can't unlock at the moment (I think) are the Nokia N series e.g. N70 as the algorithms haven't been cracked yet.

  tammer 17:00 27 May 2007

I've (perhaps foolishly) bought the phone from ebay thinking I could get it unlocked no problem but the comments I've seen on the web now don't look too promising.

Are you sure I can get it unlocked and, if so, how?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:50 27 May 2007

Many can be unlocked at local markets for £5-£10 or so; always worth asking around if you have such.

  Arnie 14:21 01 Jun 2007

If someone has previously tried to unlock your phone, you may be near to the maximum allowed unlock operations..

The next attempt could lock you out permanently.
A reputable unlock company should have the right equipment to tell you whether unlocking is viable.

  lisa02 17:05 01 Jun 2007

Sell it back on ebay and save yourself ending up with a dead phone (personal experience).

Orange phones are always locked and network vandalised.

You'll need it debranded and unlocked, there's site that can do it remotely via the cable you get in the box.

  tammer 21:08 01 Jun 2007

It's a brand new phone in its box so there shouldn't have been any attempts to date. I just received it this morning so I'm having another hunt on the web before taking it to one of the Unlocking shops tomorrow (if reqd.).

  spuds 23:28 01 Jun 2007

We have a number of 'unlocking' shops and similar outlets in our area. Most of them seem to suggest that can unlock most mobiles for £5.00/£10.00 with 'free advice given. No obligation' signs displayed.

  rickf 10:59 02 Jun 2007

I have been told that phones on the 3 Network are very difficult or almost impossible to unlock. Orange can be complicated as well. Why not take it to a shop and they can tell you for sure. I certainly had 3 which cannot be unlocked.

  The Brigadier 18:03 02 Jun 2007

Some of the more modern phones are more difficult to unlock.
My Razr 3vi was with Orange but i'm now with o2 as they are the only provider that offer good reception near me.

  tammer 20:00 02 Jun 2007

The terrific news, having taken it to a couple of shops, is that it cannot currently be unlocked.

I'm lining up a punch in the face for myself for my own stupidity and have made a mental note never, ever, to buy any Orange products in future.

I'll look to sell it again soon (£110 anyone? It's worth £200 if you like the Orange network).


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