Camera £150 budget

  Im a diddy 21:21 02 May 2010

Hi any recommendations or views on this one would be appreciated.
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  Im a diddy 21:23 02 May 2010

oops try again
click here

  john 52 09:52 03 May 2010

This is a useful site to compare photo equipment prices

click here

Also this is a good camera review site

click here

  anchor 08:43 04 May 2010

My recommendation would be the Panasonic DMC-FS7.

click here

review here

click here

The FS7 has a few extra features.

  anchor 12:12 04 May 2010

Review link seems to be wrong: this one is OK

click here

also this one:

click here

It`s within your budget.

  Im a diddy 20:13 04 May 2010

Thanks for replies,ill have a good read through them.

  Im a diddy 09:43 05 May 2010

anchor is this the same camera at £89.99?says fs7 as apposed to dc-fs7.If so seems good buy hey?

click here

  Im a diddy 10:20 05 May 2010

also the one i originally linked to had 12xoptical zoom as opposed to 4 x is that gonna make much difference?but unfortunately the argos one has gone up by £40 now.

  anchor 13:58 05 May 2010

Im a diddy; Yes is appears to be the same model.

As regards the zoom power; I think you will find that 4x optical zoom is quite adequate. I have a 12x Lumix and very, very, rarely use this level of power.

At the end it will depend on the type of pictures you like to take.

  Im a diddy 14:28 05 May 2010

ok thanks very much for your help,ill try one.

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