Calling all EPSON Printer Users.....

  Gary 13:42 31 Jan 2003

I have an EPSON Stylus Color 880 Inkjet Printer. In November last year the printer developed a fault and consequently, EPSON replaced it with a remanufactured replacement. This proved to have a different fault, as did subsequent replacments (all different faults) - and I've now have replacement number eleven (11).

This printer appears to have a problem with the head alignment, which running the alignment utility within the drivers does not solve. (Pages are printed so that the top half of characters does not line up with the bottom and straight vertical lines come out as a series of steps). The only way to print correctly aligned pages is to use the 720dpi print setting as opposed to the default 360dpi.

EPSON have taken the printer away twice and returned it with test prints in which the problem is quite clearly visible, but insist that the printer is performing to its specifications. Apparantly, you cannot expect proper alignment unless you increase the resolution beyond the default. However, all the other ten printers I had and other EPSON models I have used in the past have been able to print with the correct alignment.

Can anyone with an 880 (or other EPSON printers for that matter) confirm whether you are able to use the default 360dpi setting to print pages without problems?

I shall be very interested to read your comments.

  medicine hat 16:13 31 Jan 2003

I've got the 880 and don't ever recall a problem such as yours. The choices I make are Black or Colour, Quick or Best. Does Quick equate to 360dpi?

  Wes Tam ;-) 16:19 31 Jan 2003

I have the 660 and always use the 360dpi.

Sounds like a try-on to me.

  Gary 17:48 31 Jan 2003

Medicine Hat: Yes, "quick" or "speed" does equate to 360dpi.

Wes Tam ;-) : Sounds a little unlikely to me as well judging by the number of posts I've received in response to my postings in this Consumerwatch room and in the Helproom.

Thanks for your advice. Anyone else got any other experiences with Epson printers which might be relevant?

  blakdog 21:51 31 Jan 2003

Why have a default setting if it won't work properly???? I have a Stylus Colour 790 that gives me no such problem, it works fine on all settings. One thing that does come to mind though is that I had problems with the Epson software hanging on my ABIT KT7 board which turned out to be a USB problem. If I got rid of the software the printer worked fine. When I upgraded my board the problem disappeared. i'd get on their case to replace it with a different model!!

  Coaster3 08:41 01 Feb 2003

I've got an 895 and have no problems with 360 dpi.

  Gary 10:54 01 Feb 2003

Thank you to everyone who has replied to this thread.

Please note that there are further postings on this issue in the helproom, click here

  Kyomii 11:43 01 Feb 2003

Have you set aligned the printer heads before using the epson via the software? It is essential to carry out alignment otherwise the results will be as you suggest.

  Gary 11:52 01 Feb 2003

I have been through the alignment process a dozen times and also on two separate occasions with the technical support staff on the telephone. However, whilst this does sometimes appear to improve the situation, the heads fail to remain correctly aligned and progressively get worse again.

Previous EPSONs I have used (760s and 600s) have required the heads aligning on a couple of occasions, but once this has been done they have always staying in this condition for a reasonable period of time.

  Landman 23:55 01 Feb 2003

Ihave had 4 Epsons and each has failed with the same fault, they drag several sheets through the paper feed at one time and will not work again.
One fault occurred within warranty and unit was replaced. I now use HP printers.

  Gary 11:54 02 Feb 2003

I too use both HP and EPSON printers. As you will read in my postings in the helproom (see link above) I have had problems with paper feed on some of the ten replacement printers which preceeded this one. A couple of them wouldn't suck paper in at all and would just report paper jam issues. One of the others sucked paper in immediately after being switched on, so everytime I powered up I got a blank sheet!

Luckily, I've not had issues with more than one piece of paper being sucked through at the same time.

By comparison the HP seems to be much more solidly built, can print straight lines and always sucks paper in. The only trouble is, and the reason I bought an EPSON to run alongside it in the first place is that the HP running costs are massively more expensive than the EPSON.

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