Call to home phone from '00' - marketing scam or call centre?

  theDarkness 13:14 06 Aug 2011

I received a call from '00' this morning, but didnt get a chance to answer-the real number likely hidden,but has anyone had similar before? After googling, some state that 00 could have been a skype call, but ive never really used skype or share details such as home phone on most sites i sign up with unless its for shopping, so i would say thats unlikely. Since on 1471 the number is just '00' so at first i thought it could be a foreign call centre with a hidden number trying to sell off junk.. or agree to another full yr of talktalk (!) but i guess ill never know now. Does anyone know if i can ever track down who it was, eg by contacting bt/tt, (not that id bother finding out unless they became frequent)- and if they have had similar calls, who was on the other end? thanks for any info

  spuds 18:52 06 Aug 2011
  theDarkness 20:01 06 Aug 2011

thanks, but tried already-nothing comes up for just '00', and the only net i have at the moment is through this mobile (who calls me bans most mobile numbers/prevents me from using its site-a message states that through 'octonet' i am prohibited from access).

  onionskin 00:41 07 Aug 2011

Possibly an engineer testing the line.

  interzone55 19:25 07 Aug 2011

Numbers starting 00800 are international freephone numbers, we use them at work for our IT support, they're based in London but cover the whole of the EMEA (Europeon / Middle East / Africa) region, so 00800 number means that anyone in the region can call IT without it costing the local office a bean.

I've not heard of Skype numbers starting with 00, my Skype number I use when working from home is 01698, which is Motherwell I think...

  theDarkness 15:18 08 Aug 2011

It was definately NOT skype-just recieved another call, from '00000000' this time! i couldnt make out who they were, but they wanted to know one thing-what brand of tv i had! Indian caller, so, yet again, its 99% likely that TalkTalk have reset my option of having telemarketing calls once again. lol. This will probably the 5th time or more of telling them that i do not want any, but i imagine once your number is 'out there', theres no way of guaranteeing that they will stop completely. It probably doesnt help when they are sharing your details with telemarketing call centres abroad that they really have little control over, despite what theyd like you to believe. I never include my home phone when buying or signing up anywhere online, so i dont really think it could have been through anyone else, but at least now if i receive any more 00 numbers, ill know not to answer (!)

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