Calibre 512MB 8600GT / Q6600

  User-3D04C183-FD2E-499E-AA2BEBCA3F7B7B3A 01:23 13 Feb 2008

Hello everybody a very good morning from the U.K another post while i am trying to solve out the perfect rig for me. Well obviously i want it for flight sim 2004 is me i would like to play it on max settings/Vatsim/Addon Scenery (uk2000 / aerosoft EGLL ect) Payware aircraft PMDG PSS ect. Also i would like to play other new games top end ones. Well i have from £550 - £620 maximum. What do you think to this system i can get built from a pretty local shop :

Compucase ATX 4 Bay Tower inc PSU
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4GHz/1066) inc Intel Cooler
Gigabyte GA-73VM-S2 Motherboard (Nvidea chipset)
Crucial 2GB (matched pair) DDR2 PC2-5300
Maxtor 320GB SATA2 HDD
Pioneer DVR-115DBK 20x DVD+/-RW 10x DL Black
Calibre 512MB 8600GT Graphics Card
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32 Bit (OEM) or XP home

I can get the Sparkle 8800GT 512MB for £55 extra.

So what do you think to this, if you tell me any changes there should be or any recomendations feel free as i would like the help. Thank you very much.

Zack Clibbens

  GaT7 01:45 13 Feb 2008

Hi Zack, how much does that cost please? Don't get a 8600GT if you want to play the latest games - 8800GT being minimum. Try not skimping on the slower RAM either as far as you can (the difference between this & the 800Mhz variety is very small).

Your other post related to this click here, so members know what's been discussed/suggested so far. It's a lot easier for everyone if you stick to one post. G

  HondaMan 09:55 13 Feb 2008

PROCESSOR Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 2.4 Ghz
RAM 2048 MB
GRAPHICS NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT 256 MB (I don't play games other than FS2004)
2 X 500 GB SATA X2
2 X 320 GB PATA 133
and the cost was not that much more than click here

Hi that was costing £546 for that spec, so what do you suggest i uprgade on i will just tell him i what you reccomended, but he isnt a big shop so he might not have all the stuff but i will pass the reccomendations on. So what do you reckon guys thanks

Hello again here is what i think is going to be it, i am just asking for any last opinions before i naggle with my parents for the money lol thanks alot guys:)

Compucase ATX 4 Bay Tower inc PSU
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4GHz/1066) inc Intel Cooler
Gigabyte GA-73VM-S2 Motherboard (Nvidea chipset)
Crucial 4GB (matched pair) DDR2 PC2-5300 / CL=5 • Unbuffered / NON-ECC / DDR2-667 / 1.8V / 256Meg x 64
Maxtor 320GB SATA2 HDD
Pioneer DVR-115DBK 20x DVD+/-RW 10x DL Black
Sparkle GeForce 8800 GT 512MB
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32 Bit (OEM)

Total £636.25

  Rigga 19:53 13 Feb 2008

Already replied. to your other thread. > click here <

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:03 13 Feb 2008

don't waste money on a Quad core - by a better spec Dual core, or save your money.

Yes i am buying it to play games :)

oh and Rigga i am paying Total £636.25 i dont know about the PSU

  GaT7 00:11 14 Feb 2008

zclibbens, can you stick to the ONE post please, instead of running 3 - other two for reference click here & click here.

To the other responders - please read the other posts too before posting advice - thanks.

Your latest spec isn't too bad for the price, but a few questions/concerns....

- What PSU is used in the case? Find out the make, model number/name & wattage

- Motherboard probably adequate but one of the cheapest Socket-775 ones available, with only 2 RAM slots (you probably won't need more than the 4Gb anyway)

- The faster PC6400 800Mhz RAM is preferred - it's going to increase the price slightly. OCZ 2x2Gb PC6400 is £73 from eBuyer click here, while the slower Crucial PC5300 used here costs only £7-8 less click here

- Any particular reason for the Sparkle card - is it the cheapest or something? I'd go for an Asus click here, or similar good brand


  GaT7 00:18 14 Feb 2008

Would they be willing to put the PC together if you purchased your own components? If yes, how much would they charge? G

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