Buying Windows XP

  Sneeze1 18:46 26 Nov 2005

Hi I have windows ME at the moment and my PC is always playing up by freezing or flashing up the blue screen of death. i wuld like Windows XP, I am with one tel for their telphone and Tiscali for broadband.

The problem is because I have miled border line learning difficulties, I find things a bit confusing. I would like someone to help me set it up for me, but so far people I have asked said they 'don't do that' or they can't. It's frustrating when I want to buy a pc, but no one's prepared to come and fix the bloody thing up for me!

Can anyone advise me please where I can get a good XP tower from in Wiltshire or Hampshire? Thanks.

  sattman 19:28 26 Nov 2005

I am sure that someone who lives in your area will shortly post a thread to provide some advice on local facilities that you could contact. I think we sense your frustration but cursing will not buy you any brownie points on this forum.

  Sneeze1 19:38 26 Nov 2005

I didn't mean to be rude, I was just asking. Thank you.

  Carbonara 20:48 26 Nov 2005

Not entirely clear from your post whether you just want to install XP on your existing computer or if you want to buy a new tower (which would in all probability have it pre-installed) If you want to install on your existing machine it is almost just a case of buying XP and putting the disc in your computer.

No doubt you will get all the help you need here.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 23:16 26 Nov 2005

You could just install XP on your existing pc, but if it's getting on a bit and you can afford to upgrade, Novatech (near Portsmouth) have a showroom or you buy online click here

If you have problems setting it up post back here and you will get lots of help. If you have learning difficulties, could you use your support network to help you?

  keewaa 12:53 27 Nov 2005

XP retail is £170? You can get a new main box PC with XP already installed for £250, might be a better buy.

  Forum Editor 13:19 27 Nov 2005

with GTI computers in Portsmouth.

They'll probably be able to help - either with a new computer, or with an upgrade to your existing machine. Why don't you give them a ring on: 0870 264 1733 and see what they can offer?

  Sneeze1 13:35 27 Nov 2005

Thanks for your input. i would like a n ew tower with Windows XP. I am registered with OneTel for my Telephone and Tiscalli for my broadband, if I did get a new tower would it affect my Tiscali account? Also would I need to load a Tiscali disk again, and are the instructions easy to follow? Many thanks.


  Arthur Scrimshaw 13:53 27 Nov 2005

re GTI computers - I take it you've had dealings with them and they are good? I (as you can guess) use Novatech for stuff as they are quite local, but am always willing to try someone else if they are recommended.

  Sneeze1 13:58 27 Nov 2005

Can you tell me what GTI Computers are like please? I've never dealth with them before? Will they come out and set it up for me?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 14:00 27 Nov 2005

Buying a new pc would not affect your Tiscali BB account, just follow the instructions you got with your Tiscali setup.

Stuartli (who is a regular on here)is (one of)the Tiscali BB experts so I'm sure he will help if you run into difficulties. You will need to setup your email account again in outlook or whatever you mail reader you use, but again you will get lots of help on here if you get stuck.

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