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  Woody1000 16:53 12 Feb 2004

I completed an online order for some computer memory , the company being situated in California, as it happens.
Well, at the end of the procedure, it mentioned that there may be a requirement for scanned images of my credit card to be sent. Sure enough, an email arrived asking me for front & back pictures of the card (a requirement for international orders, they said).
I am wary of doing this with a company I am doing first-time dealings with.
I wondered if anybody here has found this request to be common practice (or even less common practice?)
Many thanks for any feedback.


  Kate B 16:59 12 Feb 2004

Well, I've never heard of anyone requiring that and it does strike me as a tad dodgy - it means you're not going through a secure server, for starterrs.

It may well be innocent, but I would walk away and be safe. There are plenty of UK based memory retailers, Crucial being one of the best.

  Woody1000 17:27 12 Feb 2004

Thanks for the quick replies.

Well, this is why I would like to buy from them. The memory is for an older computer and Crucial no longer list a suitable DIMM for this model; in fact I can't seem to find anywhere in UK that can supply it for less than an arm + leg.
So, I found a few sites in USA that could supply for a reasonable price, so here I am.
I am bilingual (PC & MAC) and it is for the Mac I require the memory, (...I know...). Macs are more heavily supported over there....

However, I can't think of a possible use for card pictures; the data can't be read from a picture, eh?
Other than the pictures show that I actually have the card and am not just quoting a card number that is actually someone elses, how could fraudulent use be made of pictures?

The site was secure, by the way, (closed padlock, browser alerts confirming secure page, etc)

Anymore info?

  Belatucadrus 17:29 12 Feb 2004

And if the post office check it out there will be VAT plus customs and handling charges. They are a bit hit or miss and it may well slip the net, but it's a royal pain when they don't.

  Stuartli 17:39 12 Feb 2004

You were lucky just in the fact you found a US company willing to trade online - many of them have stopped sending goods outside the States.

I'm sure that you can get what you require in the UK and avoid the risk of revealing your personal details in this way; you have no idea who will see them after they have been transmitted.

  Rob1n 19:50 12 Feb 2004

According to credit card rules, you are not liable for any transactions on your card that you have not authorised while the card is still in your possession. Of course that does not mean you should not be careful who you give you details to. Proof that you were negligent might still make you liable.
I agree with the others, don't do it.

  spuds 19:53 12 Feb 2004

I would think twice about obtaining goods from the USA. There are to many pitfalls and problems. Importing into the UK will bring added expences like custom duty,postal handling charges etc etc.Then what happens when the item turns out faulty-just think about it.

Due to the high rate of fraud, the USA traders are very reluctant to deal with retail sales transaction with people here in the UK, perhaps that is why they are asking for more information as to your credit card details.But I would consider all things before I sent full photographic evidence of any of my credit or banking cards.Far to risky, I would have thought.

Did you try a Google search or checkout a copy of the weekly Micro Mart magazine.

  R4 20:30 12 Feb 2004

Most credit card companies would advise you NOT to send the photos they are asking for. If you must use tem see if they do PAYPAL or simular that would negate this request as PAYPAL is US based.

  jakimo 22:22 12 Feb 2004

Sounds Fishy!but if you have to buy from the US phone your credit card co.for advice,you may end up paying far more than you expect for the memory

  georgemac 07:56 13 Feb 2004

older memory is very expensive, but you may be able to find some on ebay int the UK?

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