Buying a Television

  tonyq 14:05 22 Oct 2010

Hi all,my son is going to buy a new lcd tv, for use in is bedroom which he will also use with is PS3 console. He is thinking of a 26"(with DVD player if possible)Can anyone recommend a make that is value for money or what to look for in the specs.

  961 14:22 22 Oct 2010

Ensure that the tv you buy has the tuners you need

If you want to use it connected to a satellite dish to receive free channels without the use of or payment for a sky box, you can buy a tv containing a freesat tuner

If you want it to connect to a rooftop aerial ensure it has an analogue tuner (for use until digital switch over) and two freeview tuners. One for standard and one for high definition transmission

Some tvs may not have the high def tuner. Although you may not intend to use high def now, ensure that for future use you obtain an up to date set that can receive both

Some brands (Sony is an example) produce sets with both freeview and freesat tuners. This is worth considering

Televisions last a long time. Although you may save £50 or even £100 by getting a cheaper brand, an extra quality set spread over 5 years is not expensive

A separate dvd player is not expensive. If it goes wrong it can be replaced simply rather than having to buy a new dual unit

  GaT7 15:32 22 Oct 2010

Great advice from 961 - didn't know TVs come with so many different tuners! Not surprising I guess as I still own a CRT-type TV. I agree with the separate DVD player.

Anyway, if you're not to fussed about the tuner (as it will be used mostly with the PS3), get a minimum of one with a HDMI connection for the best PS3 picture & sound (click here) - all, if not most, LCD TVs have these anyway.

Have a look at Richer Sounds who do some good deals: 23-27" click here, & 32" click here. Posted the 32" size as well as their prices are very competitive compared to their smaller counterparts.

Beware of HDMI cable pricing. There are ones you can get for under £2 & some for over £100 - e.g. click here, click here & click here. All are virtually the same thing, so no need to spend a fortune on them. Just get the length you require right. G

  GaT7 15:35 22 Oct 2010

Sorry about the TV links - just make your choices under Screen Size in the left column. G

  tonyq 18:08 22 Oct 2010

thank you all for the advice so far.
Do you think this TV sounds O.K.
click here

  GaT7 18:20 22 Oct 2010

That sounds OK.

However, there are couple of 32" ones that are very similar - one is cheaper & one is the same price: click here & click here

There's also a 'Full HD' 32" LG for a little more (£250) click here. G

  john 52 18:24 22 Oct 2010

John Lewis give a 5 year warranty on there Televisions .

Regarding HDMI cables I was told the same thing no need to spend a fortune on them. I have just used Audio vision online for cables and the service was very good they arrived the next day

  anchor 16:39 23 Oct 2010

Yes, the model you mentioned sounds fine; it even includes a 5 yr warranty.

Remember, the price is for "in-store" customers so you would need to collect it. The practicality of that depends on where you live. This may even be a factor in the warranty, if it is return to base.

I would not concern yourself about it not having a freeview HD tuner; at that size of screen you would not see the difference. I bought a 42" top of the range Panasonic a few months ago, and the difference between HD and normal freeview is marginal.

Much more important is a good aerial.

  anchor 17:00 23 Oct 2010

I have just been reminded that my Panasonic upscales ordinary freeview, so perhaps that is the reason the difference between normal and HD is marginal.

  jakimo 03:04 24 Oct 2010

The advice given is reliable,but when buying from Richer Sound,phone them first and confirm they have stock,Ive been disappointed many times that the local branch may have sold out or do not stock your particular item,and they will not transfer from a branch that do

  tonyq 14:58 28 Oct 2010

Just letting you know that I am waiting delivery of a LG 32" bought from Richer Sounds (Leeds).

I need to extend the electric flex (Plug) of the old TV that the new one is replacing to use in another room, but not sure what size of cable I need look for,advice please.

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