Buying Stuff on Ebay? Is it crazy?

  tammer 19:21 26 May 2007

I'm in need of a new mobile phone and I thought I'd pick up a good model on ebay. As I've looked through the items I've noticed that (mainly phones) tend to go for more than you can get them in the shops. An, possibly extreme, example was a Sony Ericson phone that cost £249.99 on Carphone Warehouse's site had a bid of £454 with 13 minutes to go on ebay!

Other models e.g. Nokia 6300 go for a little bit more than you can buy them from the above mentioned site.

2 questions:

- Why do people buy them at those prizes or is there artificial inflating of prices going on?

- What's the best tip for buying a phone on ebay? Is it bidding through the week when there are less people online or something like that?


  Pamy 19:37 26 May 2007

do your research first. Know the price from the high street dealers. Set yourself a price that you are prepared to pay for it. Watch how the bidding is going and if it is still within your price, bid that price as late as possible.
Dont be tempted to go over your price, like busses, there will be another along latter.

Good luck

  wjrt 19:39 26 May 2007
  namtas 19:50 26 May 2007

I don't know if their is such a thing as a good time to buy on Ebay, but you are quite correct about the silly prices, I have conclude some people are either lazy, ignorant or just so stupid, at first I thought I was seeing one off's but over time I have checked Ebay price and goggled the same article to find that even with carriage it was pounds cheaper, not only that but occasionally the offer is secondhand and it still sells pounds more, all rather strange and bemusing especially when you consider that their is no guarantee with secondhand items. I now think if they are that gullible, they deserve to be caught

  rdave13 19:55 26 May 2007

Agree with above posts. Research first then bid only what you think it's worth. If you don't win then like Pamy says, there'll be another one. Must say I've had some good bargains on Ebay but I take my time and don't jump in with both feet.

  tammer 20:11 26 May 2007

Thanks wjrt, that's an interesting site.

I'm on a good deal - £10 a month - 300 mins & 300 texts - so just need the phone.

  Totally-braindead 20:38 26 May 2007

Have to agree with namtas, the thing is people do bid on certain items way above what you can buy them for in the shop, an example of this was a guy selling a particular make of sunglasses, I rather fancied them and went off to check the retail price, he was getting between £25 and £35 for them. I thought they might be about the £50 mark.
Checked a retailer and the proper RRP was £14.99.
Obviously I didn't buy a pair but many others did.
People either get carried away the "I must win mentality" or they are too stupid to check how much an item actually costs before they bid.
Find the proper price of any item before bidding and set a maximum you are willing to pay, if you lose chase after another one.

  tammer 20:48 26 May 2007

worth £100 is currently going for £899!

I take it someone is having a laugh - see here (I don't know what you'll see as it closes shortly though)

click here

  Stuartli 21:48 26 May 2007

I've never had any problems with a variety of goods bought using e-Bay, but I've always checked out the sellers' feedback carefully and, wherever possible, used the BuyNow facility.

  €dstowe 22:22 26 May 2007

The wife of one of my employees sells a lot on eBay, she has a nice little business going, mainly by buying in bulk and selling individually.

She usually has two ways to buy her stuff, an auction bid but also a "buy-it-now" price. If a bid is put in, the buy-it-now automatically ends. More often than not, when the fixed price option is not taken up, the auction price exceeds the original buy-it-now price by a considerable amount. Even when she put two identical items up, people will still bid in excess of the buy-it-now price even though they can see perfectly well the price differences with the two items adjacent to one another on the eBay pages.

  wee eddie 00:21 27 May 2007

So I have been hunting for a replacement.

I can tell you. I'll never get another unless I come into money or am just lucky. I've been checking eBay for the last month. The last similar one was just short of £900 if you include the Pre-amp and postage.

That was a very expensive vase of flowers. I know that all the valves are shot so I'll have to see what other damage the water did, it looks to be only be about £150-£200 to replace the valves.

Those eBay prices are crazy but sometimes there are no alternatives. That's probably people pay so much for some things.

Going out and visiting Comet, ain't on, till I qualify for a hearing aid!

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