buying spectacles on the internet

  joe95 15:10 09 Jul 2011

Hi everyone, I am due some new specs. and thought of trying the internet,anyone had any dealings online, looking for varifocals. Looking at the sites some seem to give you more for your money. I am not trying to scrimp just trying to get a btter deal. Thanks.

  wiz-king 15:56 09 Jul 2011

Go to an opticians for an eye test and ask for a prescription and then shop around. Difficult to buy 'off the shelf'.

  finerty 18:47 09 Jul 2011

I got a free eye test at tescos opticians and i brought two pairs of specs £10 each.

  morddwyd 20:02 09 Jul 2011

Quality gear then!

  birdface 20:26 09 Jul 2011

(Quality gear then]

As long as they work I suppose.

I would rather loose a cheap pair of spectacles than an expensive pair and as the glass is filled to the prescription spec you will still be able to see the same whether cheap or expensive.

  Sapins 09:52 10 Jul 2011

A friend recently used these to buy on line, he is very pleased with his new specs and they certanly look good.

  QuizMan 09:57 10 Jul 2011

I've used Glasses Direct for some time and they are good value with good service. I will not include a link as I see there is one below the last thread (on my PC anyway). It is easy with single vision glasses but less so with varifocals, but they have good telephone support.

As stated by wiz-king, you need to get a prescription from a local opticians first for which you may need to pay depending on age or (lack of) medical reasons.

  jaraba 19:58 10 Jul 2011

If you want varivocals it is more involved. Your eyes have to be measured to insure that the vari part is correct.

  QuizMan 09:14 11 Jul 2011

jaraba is right. It is something about needing the pupilliary distance. Opticians should put it on the prescription, but they rarely do. It's their way of of getting to buy in-house.

In my case it was easily resolved by sending an old pair of specs, free of charge, to Glasses Direct and they worked it out from there. If you do not need varifocals, you need not worry about this aspect.

  amonra 20:53 11 Jul 2011

I have used Glasses Direct and Select Specs, both good providing your prescription is correct in every detail. Some chain opticians seem to "accidently forget" certain details.

  KremmenUK 09:06 12 Jul 2011

I just use +1 reading glasses occasionally and got a couple of pairs for £3.50 each off Amazon.

Nothing wrong with them.

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