Buying recommendations - Internet Radio.

  dastardly mutt 20:27 11 Oct 2009

No search engine results please.

I want to buy an Internet Radio - maximum spend £200. Inclusion or not of DAB is not an issue.
Personal experience of using your recommended radio valued.


  tigertop2 20:49 11 Oct 2009

Try looking for a little pink 200MXi, Cost me £35 and works perfectly on a wireless network-One of the best buys I ever made. I am told the black model costs twice as much! Ebuyer had them last time I looked. It has worked perfectly from the moment I set it up a year ago

  tigertop2 20:53 11 Oct 2009

if your searching it should be for an MX-200i and they are still on sale. Sorry about that . I was using my memory on the details --always fatal!

  morddwyd 08:53 12 Oct 2009

I have two Revo Pico radios.

One of them has just started losing the network and has to be reconfigured each time.

Maybe just a one off but you did ask for personal experiences.

"The clock that once strikes thirteen is forever suspect"!

I also have a Logik IR 100 which is also a clock radio. This, and the Revo which is still working, are good.

  interzone55 09:48 12 Oct 2009

My Brother-in-law has a Pure Evoke Flow

click here=

click here

A pretty good piece of kit for around £130

  bjh 10:43 12 Oct 2009

I have several Internet Radios, and each have certain advantages. However, the overall winner at the moment has to be the Clarus Musicbox Plus. Reasons? It's fairly cheap, very stable, uses the same Frontier Silicon portal as the Pure Evoke (which I liked, but is not worth any more than the Clarus in my opinion), but tends to be more stable/reliable.

The version sold by Marks and Spencer is identical: click here

However, firstly it comes with a two year guarantee and, secondly, it is frequently sold at a low, low price. I have bought two of those now, one for well under £50, so it might be worth popping over to that site for a few days.

Reciva-based radios still tend to have the best availability of radio stations worldwide, but few are on sale in the UK at the moment. This is a nice simple Reciva radio click here but the colour may put you off! It does punch above its weight for sound quality. I have a black one, and it is good.

There are new radios out there from the likes of Pure, but I'd not leap into being one of the early buyers of any of these internet radios if you aren't already pretty famliar with them... many turn out to be less reliable than expected, or offer fewer features than intended.

The Reciva forums click here is probably the best place to get information on ALL brands of internet radios, not just Reciva-based models. Quite a few threads point to bargains as well. Be forewarned tat there are a number of grouches who reasonably/unreasonably moan about various makes (much as you'll see on the Consumerwatch forum here). There are more moans about Reciva there than might seem reasonable, mainly because it is the Reciva forum. Moans about other platforms are just more widespread.

In most cases, the more expensive internet radios offer little extra above the lower models, with the exception of audio quality. However, many of these more expensive models equate loadsa volume and loadsa base as the same as audio quality. If you want better audio, buy one with line out and send it through a hi-fi.

If you are not in too much hurry, wait a few weeks, as a number of new radios are due to be released.... and, although I stand by not being "first in", you may feel differently, and new releases may well affect the pricing of older models.

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