Buying RAM at PC World

  Cybermaxx 19:41 01 Oct 2005

Saw advert in today's Mail, PNY 512MB PC3200 RAM, £28.99 this weekend (good for me, because I don't like buying stuff online). Removed ad. from paper, drove to PC World at Gateshead. Couldn't find it on the shelves, asked assistant where it was. He took the ad. and said he would look for it in the "back room".

Waited twenty minutes, lost patience and told another member of staff what had happened. She went to look for him and she emerged ten minutes later to announce that they were sold out, but she would check the stock levels at other nearby stores. Success! The Durham store had nine left.

Drove to Durham store (twenty minutes). Found memory on shelf, priced at £64.99. No mention of any price reduction. Took memory to check-out and asked whether it was indeed £28.99. Came up as £64.99! Said he would have a word with his colleagues and see if it could be sold for £28.99. Eventually, he came back and announced that, yes, I could indeed buy said item for £28.99. Bought it, installed it, it works.

You really do have to fight to buy stuff in this country!

  oresome 20:05 01 Oct 2005

I have made two purchases recently from PCW using on-line ordering and collect from store.

This seems to offer the best of both worlds. Much cheaper prices than the shelf edge ticket and the convenience of collecting straight away. Both purchases went without a hitch and I saved around £50 on store prices purchasing a wireless modem router and a memory stick.

  bremner 20:50 01 Oct 2005

I have raised this a few times on the forum.

PCW consistently fail to advertise offers made in National Newspapers in their stores or it seems tell the stores about the offers. It is only by taking the Advertisement with you that you can often convince staff that the offer exists.

The worst case I had of this was a HP Printer reduced from £200 to £100 for one day only.
The staff at Croydon PCW had no knowledge of this at all but when it went through the till £99.99 was the price.

  Cybermaxx 21:21 01 Oct 2005

Yes, but what confuses me is why the bloke at Gateshead didn't just check the stock level on the PC straight away (as the second assistant did), rather than wandering around a stock room for half an hour.

i think he ws just "taking the Mickey" (to put it politely!).

  spuds 21:58 01 Oct 2005

I have previously mentioned in the forum about Dixon Group special offers and media advertising.I contacted the DG head office about issues raising from availability of stock, and the reply that I received, was that not all stores may hold stock due to logistics ie delivery and manufacturers supplies.The famous words of 'subject to availability' overrules the adverts.

Before making that journey, I would suggest a browse on the internet, then order by 'collect from store'.

  Cybermaxx 22:07 01 Oct 2005

Oh, that's alright. I actually enjoyed the drive while listening to the Newcastle match.

It was all a bit comical, really. Disappearing staff, non-existant items, price mis-matches, swarms of staff at one store/hardly any at the other one, mysterious newspaper ads. If Alfred hitchcock had ever done a farce, it might have been something like that!

I had a good mess about with their display PCs while I was waiting, anyway.

  oresome 13:02 02 Oct 2005

Whilst my last purchase went without a hitch as stated earlier, the only person manning a till was the security guard!

Apparently most of the staff were at lunch. As this is the only time many customers can get to the store during the daytime, there was quite a queue. Wasn't helped by the fact that some customers didn't know their pin number, perhaps forgotten it they'd been waiting that long.

The guy behind me was getting quite agitated but I try to view these things with some amusement.

  ade.h 16:03 02 Oct 2005

I doubt that some of PC World's management could organise a certain event in a brewery! The branches seem to vary from "not bad" to "awful". The latter would describe the branch in my nearest town, but on the other hand, it's not actually the worst retail outlet in the area, believe it or not.

The trouble lies at least partly in the quality of the staff available, and the town in question (nameless to protect the innocent) happens to be worse than average for some reason.

For the last few years, I have tended to avoid buying anything on the high-street or "retail park" (God, how I hate that phrase!) that can be found online.

  Cybermaxx 18:18 02 Oct 2005

Re. Retail parks. Not the fault of PC World, but the Gateshead (Team Valley) store has the worst nightmare of a car park I have ever seen. It was built in the '70s, and it's confusing, nearly always congested, and just plain bad. It can turn a shopping trip into an annoying, unpleasant experience.

  De Marcus™ 18:21 02 Oct 2005

I gave up on the Gateshead store and began using the sunderland one, much easier to park and the staff seem better informed.

  Cybermaxx 18:48 02 Oct 2005

I haven't shopped in Sunderland for almost two decades! Must have a look in some time soon.

The Durham store is usually nigh on deserted. It hasn't been open for long, and if it stays like that , it won't be open for much longer.

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