buying pc components online.

  acemark 08:32 13 Apr 2003

Hi folks. My good lady's going to build me a new PC ;-) and I just wondered if you could recommend any online stores to buy the bits from?
It seems the yank stores are cheaper but then you get to pay import duty and the like so, is it cheaper to buy American? anyone done it? I'd rather buy from Britain personally but cash is cash (and I never seem to have any, sob ;-) thanks.

  -pops- 08:44 13 Apr 2003

Many USA suppliers will not ship to the UK. Even if they do, you will get stung for all sorts of charges/duties etc and it isn't worth the hassle. I won't be much, if any, cheaper after all this.

For UK suppliers, look in the Links section of this forum and also among the posts to this column for opinions. Personally I use dabs, Scan (esp. their daily specials), e-buyer, Watford (sometimes), Overclockers, Microland (sometimes).


  ricvic 09:13 13 Apr 2003

And Novatech. click here

  -pops- 09:26 13 Apr 2003

ricvic is dead right. Don't know why I forgot them as they are nearby and I sometimes go and pick things up from them!!

Another thing against buying from the USA, supposing you find someone to do it, is that you pay through the nose for airmail or wait weeks on end for surface mail.


  acemark 09:41 13 Apr 2003

Thanks for the advice guys. I figured pretty much as you suggest Brian, and it could be real hassle if any duff parts get delivered, huh? cheers

  acemark 13:12 15 Apr 2003

Hello folks. Just a footnote, I ordered my stuff from Tekheads, a new mobo, cpu, RAM, and a drive (it arrived this morning, cool) and the Overclocking store, graphics card, and sound card (awaiting stock, bugger) & Squire, new case (havn't heard anything yet).
I have to say I'm really impressed with the service from Tekheads.

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