Buying from Novatech

  toojohnny 12:55 06 Sep 2010

Has anyone bought a pc from Novatech, and if so, what do you think? Anyone had any problems with them?

I am considering a purchase, but have opted out of the 2 year warranty (+£25)- has anyone bought a pc with this? Doesn't seem much point.

  spuds 15:48 06 Sep 2010

Novatech have been well recommended on this forum, and I have used them for other items and not a complete computer on occasions with satisfaction.

Before rejecting the 2 year warranty, it might pay to read and understand what it might be offering. You would have some safeguards with the various consumer and credit laws (if using credit card and perhaps debit card with the Visa logo, or computer finance deal).

  961 15:51 06 Sep 2010

Novatech is well respected here and good value

As for 2 year warranty, mostly hardware, if it works out of the box, will work untill you are ready to buy new

  toojohnny 18:24 06 Sep 2010

Hi guys, thanks for that. Ordered one (base only without o/s) in the end. Didn't take the extra warranty (althought have a month after purchase to think it over)

I'm au fait with CC Act/CrCard protection etc, so that's why I don't tend to bother with these warranties.

Thanks for your input.

One final thing though. Would you buy a pc with a pre-installed o/s? It was £90, and you don't get the disc, yet I managed to source the full retail version for the same money online?!

  961 18:38 06 Sep 2010

Are you a student by any chance, or do you have a student in the family?

  toojohnny 19:04 06 Sep 2010

Hi, unfortunately not - I do have 2 young children, but they are a way off that yet!

I assume you have to prove you're a student?

  961 19:46 06 Sep 2010

You do, I'm afraid

I'm not quite sure why you can't buy Windows 7 from Novatech for less than £90. They quote £81 to buy OEM Windows 7 and they should be able to do it for less than that if you are buying a computer from them

When you buy a computer now you tend not to get the o/s disc but when you first fire up the computer you do get the opportunity to create your own o/s disc which works just as well

Why don't you give Novatech a phone in the morning and see how much they will do an o/s install for you?

  Ford Prefect 01 20:23 06 Sep 2010

If either of your children are at school you could go to; click here

  Strawballs 22:41 06 Sep 2010

I recently bought a barebones, graphics card and 500gig HDD and paid £81 for 7 home premium from Novatech and that was over the counter at teir head office.

  KremmenUK 06:55 08 Sep 2010

With all Novatech systems you have the option to get it with or without an OS installed.

Just follow the options.

Personally I always get them 'bare' and I start from scratch with the proper media. Any problems and I can start over or perform a repair installation.

  Strawballs 19:58 08 Sep 2010

As I said in my post I bought an OEM copy of 7, always prefer to have it on disc rather than seperate partition because you are stuck if the problem is that your hard drive has just died tacking your copy of windows with it.

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