buying new pc for gaming!!!

  m0ng00se132 16:18 15 Aug 2007

Well, ive had my current pc for longer than i really should have and am thinking about upgrading, the thing i nedd it to be able to handle is upcoming game UT 3, ive checked the minimum specs and i think that a pc (click here) with a 4400 AMD dual core chip, a 512mb nvidia en8500gt graphics card and a 2048mb ddr2 667 mhz memory set will be able to handle it, so can anyone tell me definitively yes or no because im in nedd of help? i dont have a huge budget so this is the limit for me!

  Whitehart 16:35 15 Aug 2007

Novatech seem to have a good name on the forums and I can personally recommend Cougar Extreme click here click here
click here

click here

£241 is not going to get you much of a gaming system, depends how much you expect from your system?

  m0ng00se132 16:39 15 Aug 2007

my budget is £300 with which i chose a decent processor, memory upgrade & graphics upgrd but i dont know if itll run ut3 or if there are better systems for cheaper

  Starfox 16:59 15 Aug 2007

£300 won't get you much as Whitehart says, have a look at this click here as an idea of what that sort of money can get you.

Novatech and Cougar-Extreme both have a good reputation and I can recommend them both from personal experience, don't know about Pc option.

  Totally-braindead 17:01 15 Aug 2007

Do you mean Unreal Tournament 3?

If so what are the recommended specifications?

  Totally-braindead 17:04 15 Aug 2007

Should have said the 8500GT is a pretty poor card by modern standards, its pretty much a budget card hence the price, its only about £50. It might run the game but I don't know the specs as it hasn't been released yet.

  Starfox 17:27 15 Aug 2007

UT3 formerly Unreal Tournament 2007, due for release Nov 9 2007 click here

This game was due for release late 2005 but has been put back so many times it's unbelievable. If it's as good as the previous UT games it will be a corker. I have all 3 of the UT games (yes 3) that were named Unreal Tournament, UT 2003 and UT 2004 so how this new game can be called UT3 puzzles me.

At the moment there have been no minimum specs released (unless someone knows different) so I don't know what spec pc will play the game.

  190119 17:43 15 Aug 2007

I'm a great fan of the UT games and have been waiting for the release of this game since 2005 and as Starfox rightly says it's been delayed over and over again so who knows when it will be available?

As for the 8500gt card, forget it, as Totally-braindead says it's a pretty poor low end card and will struggle with modern games. You need to be going for the 8800 series cards if you are serious about gaming although some of the 8600 cards don't seem too bad. Depends what you want from your pc?

I too would also recommend Cougar-Extreme and Novatech, both companies have a good name on these forums.

  Armchair 18:28 15 Aug 2007

I would wait till the game is on sale before buying your hardware, then you'll know what performance to expect from specific components. Also, hardware prices drop all the time, so you'll be better off financially.

8500 GT is rubbish for recent games. Avoid!

Btw, the European release date for UT3 is the 9th of November, so you have a few months to go yet.

  BioBob 01:47 17 Aug 2007

At least the 8500GT supports DX10, but i agree with Armchair, invest a little more in the graphics - just make sure the Processor has enough grunt to handle the card you get though otherwise you could end up with a bottleneck in the system!

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