Buying a new PC - Do I need a Floppy Drive?

  Richard Ing 13:24 15 Mar 2005

I'm in the process of buying a new PC, but I'm not sure if I need a floppy drive. All my software is on CD or DVD, but I concerned there may be a use I'm missing.

  puma22 13:29 15 Mar 2005

Do you use a floppy at all?
I have just bought a PC and wondered the same as you. Having thought about whn I last used a floppy (couldnt remeber it was so long ago) I decided against it and have not missed having one.
I use a USB pend drive. They are very cheap and can carry lots of data. They also seem to be regognised by all PCs.
hope this helps

  Jackcoms 13:30 15 Mar 2005

Whilst the use of floppies may not now be as widespread and whilst their capacity is tiny when compared to CD-RWs or even ZIP drives, most PCs still have a floppy drive but not all have a CD or even a ZIP drive.

You may, in the future, need to transfer a small file from your PC to another PC or vice versa.

Buy a floppy drive.

  Stuartli 13:36 15 Mar 2005

A new floppy drive from a top brand such as Sony is priced at under £5 and would take five minutes or so to fit if you ever needed to use one.

  €dstowe 15:31 15 Mar 2005

One out of my seventeen PCs has a floppy drive.

  24bitkid 17:15 15 Mar 2005

Yes you need a floppy drive. Why? Because if you don't have it, you'll suddenly find you need it.

It's called Sod's Law!

  Colinp 17:25 15 Mar 2005

Yes. I have just ordered a new computer from Mesh (gulp. Yes I know) and I have asked for a floppy drive to be installed in case I need it. Cost? £10

  gobi 18:17 15 Mar 2005

No. If you can't see the use of it now, then don't bother. You could always put one later if need be, but I doubt it. More and more PC have CD drive now, and connected to the net.

  Jackcoms 18:51 15 Mar 2005


I bet you are now.

  jimmybond 18:51 15 Mar 2005

...and three of my fourteen ferraris have walnut gearsticks. :-)

  petermontague 19:34 15 Mar 2005

Depending on the spec of your machine it might be worth considering that raid drivers come on a floppy. So if you have raid or intend to get it you would need to hook up a temporary floppy drive to install the drivers. As someone already said you can get a Sony for a fiver so why not.

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