Buying New Pc, advice needed please :)

  Phil01 11:33 16 May 2007


as said in the title iam going to buy a new Pc, but i am not sure on certain parts, namley the CPU and graphics card, with that many out and that get released its seems a bit of a minefield. The sort of PC i would like is a power one for games mostly with a good DVD burner as i do backup alot of cds and make my own mix cds from my collecdtion etc, also whats the story with HD/Blue ray burners for pc or are they still of the mainstream price etc

examples of CPU's i am looking at are Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 processor and IntelĀ® Core2 Quad QX6600 Processor

graphic cards = Geforce 8800GTX 768MB graphics and Geforce 8800GTS 320MB graphics

iam intrested in views on these, any help would be great


  Starfox 11:48 16 May 2007

For the graphics card why not go for a happy medium, a Geforce 8800GTS 640mb, not as expensive as the 8800GTX 768MB but a very good card all the same.

Should be a great system whichever way you go.

  Phil01 12:00 16 May 2007

Thanks for the reply, this is just the sort of advice i need, i dont want to throw money at stuff just coz of the price or power, i would like value for money and you make a great point!

  Starfox 12:23 16 May 2007

Pleasure to help,

IntelĀ® Core2 Quad QX6600 Processor would be a good bet and would certainly be future proof. As for HD/Blue ray I am not expert with such things but my instinct would be to leave them alone as they are ridiculously expensive at the moment, both drives and discs.

  donki 15:15 16 May 2007

Id go for the 8800GTS 640 I can tell u its an amazing card... but what monitor are you hoping to use? If money is no option by all means go for the Quad core but the other Intel chips IE the E6600 is excellent and cam be majorly overclocked. The way i see it unless u need exceptional power why buy it? I have a Dual Core 4200 in my 1 and a half year old rig and it copes with everything I use, mostly games.

So its really up to yourself on the processor but the way things are going the number of cores on a chip is going to keep riseing and there are very few programs made that can take advantage of them.

  Totally-braindead 20:22 16 May 2007

I'd steer clear of the quad cores mainly because of price. At the moment being very new they are very expensive. Dual Core 2 Duo seems to be the way to go. I also think the 8800 is a bit pricey. I suppose its worth it if you're a mega gamer.

  Phil01 08:14 17 May 2007

thanks again for the info.

I am not sure what Moniter i want but i hvae seen a 22" Viewsonic Widescreen VG2230WM that you can get with one of the packs from evesham.

  donki 10:37 17 May 2007

Rite its an LCd so you wont be looking at an exceptionally high resolution, U have no need for a GTX, u will get round about the same performace from either of the GTS cards. If u want to be more future proof id go with the 640mb version as the new DX10 games are going to be memory hungry.

Anything else just let us know.

  Phil01 10:53 17 May 2007

so is it still true that for the best picture the CRT's are still better than a LCD?

  Snec 11:05 17 May 2007

Phil01, yes, if it's a top quality CRT. Most LCDs are as good as a cheap CRT. We've got two LCD monitors here but they do not compare at all well with our EIZO CRT jobby.

  donki 11:08 17 May 2007

Mmmm well they can produce much higher resolutions, the question is do you need it that high? On my 19" Widescreen my native resolution is 1440X900 id say yous would be somthing similar, and i find it great for gaming, the widescreen makes it all alot more ingrossing. Also maybe its just me but i find the colours alot more vibrant. Thje only downside is that there is wot they call "response time" usually around 5-10ms but unless ur a ninja i doubt ul notice, but its sumthing CRT fans luv to go on about.

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