buying new laptop

  madoc81 13:54 17 Oct 2007

hey I need to get a new laptop used primarily for gaming. unfortunately a desktop is not an option as I willl be travelling a lot. my basic spec requirement is to play oblivion. itr doesn't have to have all the features on or at full res as long as it runs. my budget is absolute max £700 preferably more about £600. i was looking at the Acer TravelMate 5720 laptop PC does anyone know if that would run it or if there is a better one on the market.


  Totally-braindead 15:21 17 Oct 2007

I haven't played Oblivion yet but it is my understanding that graphically it is very demanding and as such I don't think you would get a gaming laptop capable of playing this for that amount of money.
I will be happy if someone corrects me on this but laptops unless you spend a lot more money than you are talking about aren't good enough graphicswise to play the newest games.
Sorry, perhaps someone else will correct me and will say it runs fine but I doubt it.

  citadel 15:38 17 Oct 2007

you need a laptop with a graphics card as on board graphics are not much good for gaming. laptops direct has the pegasus 670-t7300 for £879, the best I could find.

  wjrt 15:52 17 Oct 2007

click here
see what the gamers say

  PalaeoBill 15:57 17 Oct 2007

Citadel has hit the nail on the head with the integrated graphics and your limited budget is going to make finding a suitable machine tough.

You might want to have a look at the Acer Aspire. It will be a compromise but it is within yout budget and it has a ATI Mobility Radeon X1300.

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  donki 16:09 17 Oct 2007

Oblivion is the most graphically demanding game ive played, including Crysis, COD4 and Bioshock. Possibly because the graphics engine isnt the best ever made. So as long as u know u will be playing the game at all low settings u will have no nasty surprizes. Personally I couldnt play it at the lowest GFX level, or indeed an medium GFX level as the beauty of the landscapes makes Oblivion.

IMO I would wait till u had at least £1000 to spend, and thats pushing it for a Laptop. They simply arent built for gaming. So just dont travel as much and buy urself a desktop. Or an Xbox360..... either is better than a gaming laptop.

  jimmybond 19:02 17 Oct 2007

no way will an X1300 cope with Oblivion, not a chance - see click here
The X1300 is listed here as a class 4 graphics card - "barely games capable" - and certainly not oblivion!

  jimmybond 19:06 17 Oct 2007

...and just as a comparison - the best laptop graphics will just about cope with Oblivion at max settings - e.g. the GeForceGo8700M GT SLI - but this scores 8000 in 3dMark06.
The X1300 scores, ahem - 560 :-)

  PalaeoBill 23:39 17 Oct 2007

Jimmybond. I live and learn. He needs a bigger budget then.

  [email protected] 23:56 17 Oct 2007

If this was in stock then I would recommend click here

Otherwise, take a look at these click here click here click here.

The first one has the best graphics card (I think) but the higher resolution screen will be more demanding on your games unless you are prepared to run them at a non-native resolution.

  jimmybond 00:12 18 Oct 2007

certainly you'll struggle to find any other laptop that will beat Zoostorm performance, at the same price mark.
Be aware though - if it all goes belly up, they don't have a fantastic record in terms of customer support!! (Or sometimes actually assembling the laptop, before sendng out to the customer!)
click here

Toshiba/Dell are good laptops, but you won't get a gaming one at the £600/700 mark. £1000 at least...

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