Buying a new laptop

  calumcalf 16:31 05 Mar 2005

I am considering buying a new laptop for my daughter. Looking at Amazon and found an Hp nx7010 being sold for £971. However on looking at the buying choices beside this I could buy the same for £200. How is this? How can the same machine be sold for £700 less? It seems so strange! Should I buy the one offered for £200?

  TomJerry 16:47 05 Mar 2005

you will take a risk expecially sellers are new(?) with no feedback

  KatyN 12:27 06 Mar 2005

I was looking at Amazon and found a new laptop advertised at £200. I asked several questions of the purchaser, who immediately sent me an invoice.

The invoice requested I send money via Western Union to an address in Italy and adding £70 postage costs.

I emailed back, pasting in Amazon's policy on paying Marketplace sellers.

I have since heard nothing and the laptop was immediately not available.

I could see no route to advise Amazon of these scams, but I guess if it looks to good to be true, then it is too good to be true

It was offered by althea someone (in case yours is the same)

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