Buying a new desktop - Mesh or Alienware?

  Tadpole Ted 03:20 04 Oct 2005

OK, so I've got £1000 to spend on a new machine - which I must do soon before the wife finds out I have it and blows it all on shoes.

I've done a lot of reading and had more or less decided to go for the Mesh at the top of the PCA budget chart(despite reservations over customer support).

But now I just read a thread in which Gandalf mentioned Alienware for gaming machines, and now I'm all undecided again!

Other than surfing, word documents, family pics and kids homework, my computer is mostly used for gaming; so an Alienware gaming machine - if as good as their web site makes out - would seem a good choice.

From what I can see, Alienware appear to have a good reputation for quality machines, but most of the threads in here are over a year old and I've not found any recent reviews of their kit and customer service.

So has anyone got any opinions/advice on Alienware when compared to Mesh, both as regards the hardware and customer service?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:24 04 Oct 2005

Go with Mest; Alienware are good but but you won't get as much for £1,000 from them.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:04 04 Oct 2005

Alinware are very,very good but you would need to spend double your budget to get a capable machine. Mesh are excellent machines and I would go for that one.


  syslater 11:46 04 Oct 2005

I contacted Alienware several times via email regarding a top of the range mobile workstation for 3D work. 4 emails, no response to ?'s for which I was going to be spending near on £2700.

I would avoid them just on that note as customer services afterwards could be an issue......

  Tadpole Ted 19:23 04 Oct 2005

I think thats settled it. I didnt see any shoe boxes when I got home from work so I shall order forthwith.
Thanks for the advice guys.

  Kate B 21:21 05 Oct 2005

Yes, I emailed Alienware when I was looking to spend a big chunk of money on a gaming rig about a specific issue and they didn't bother to respond. I went with Voodoo.

  SOREBLADE 17:48 06 Oct 2005

No building your own then??

  Tadpole Ted 01:53 17 Oct 2005

Much as I'd like to have a crack at a self build, following a bit of research I think the money saved (if any) would be not worth the effort.
I thought long and hard about it and decided I would rather have a factory built-and-tested computer with a warranty, so even if it broke at least I could have someone else to blame and they would fix it - hopefully!
Maybe one day...

I'd love an Alienware 'puter but would have to sell my kids for medical experiments to be able to afford one of those.

Thanks again to all who responded.

  Forum Editor 10:25 17 Oct 2005

about the economics of building your own machine. I used to build lots of computers, and I still build my own machines, more for the fun than for any financial reason. Nowadays I think you're best advised to do exactly what you said.

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