Buying new custom PC options?

  DanSchade 20:02 02 Jul 2009

Hey everyone! I’m new to the forum but was hoping I would be able to get some advice on buying a new PC.

I have had the same computer for about 4 years now and decided it was finally time to upgrade.

I do a lot of work at home as I run a small business, so I am looking for a reliable PC that is good for home office type applications.

I was looking at this Affordable Intel Core i7 Computer:

click here

and it looked like a good package for the money. I am no computer guru, so I wanted to have the company build and test it for me prior to shipping.

For what I do the base specs seem pretty good (and are way better than my current system) but I was wondering if you guys think I should change any of the options in the kit? Any advice is appreciated.


  Forum Editor 23:19 02 Jul 2009

but make sure your supplier offers you the free Windows 7 upgrade that currently applies with all new machines from participating dealers.

You'll get a voucher that will enable you to get a free upgrade when Windows 7 launches on October 22nd.

  UK Sub 23:27 02 Jul 2009

I cant help but notice that the site is in American Dollars, as this forum is in the UK I suspect that most here will have no idea on the value for money side of things and will mainly recommend UK companies.

But it looks a well balanced machine and should certainly do all that you are asking, I see that it has no monitor so you will have to add one if you need one, the 19" Samsung looks good, but at $259.99 I have no idea if that is a good or bad price I'm afraid.

I believe click here is the American sister site to PCA if you want an opinion on the price.

  retep888 02:48 03 Jul 2009

This Dell click here has near exact specs as your link's PC at $899.

1. You can upgrade to the same Graphic card i.e.Ati 4670 for extra $50= $949 total or even for a far better Ati 4850 for $100= $999 total.

2. The windows comes with a free win 7 upgrade while your link's PC charges you $10 for this option.

3. The Dell comes with microsoft works 9( just choose it in the customizing to include in the price) while your link's PC only includes a trial verion of office 2007.

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