buying a new computer ???????

  chrisintheuk 18:45 13 Aug 2007

Hi there.
Could anyone give me a little advice on what computer to buy.I currently use my pc for games/videos/mp3 and photos.
I currently have
p4 3.4 running xp
asus mother board
Nvidia 256 card
400 gig drive
DVD Ram drive
This seems to slow and my fans are on full when playing new games.

I am currently looking at some on e-bay as follows

Thermaltake Soprano case 650W PSU
INTEL Core2Quad Q6600/4 x Kentsfield Cores 2.4Ghz
Asus P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP mother board
512MB nVidia GeForce 8 series - SLI READY 8500gt
500GB SATA Serial ATA hard drive
20X Lightscribe Dual Layer DVD Writer +/-
These seem to be selling for around £500

Is this machine worth buying or should I just look at duo core? I want the machine to last me a couple of yaers as I now as soon as you buy one they come out with a better machine.

Any one got any ideas on the matter.


  Pine Man 19:10 13 Aug 2007

It would work a whole lot better with some RAM in it;-)

  citadel 19:15 13 Aug 2007

do not be fooled by the 512 of ram on the graphics card, 8500gt is too slow for games. For new games 8800gts 320 memory version will give good framerate in high detail.

  PP321 19:28 13 Aug 2007

Was just gonna say that haha

Monitor would be a nice touch as well.

  Totally-braindead 19:33 13 Aug 2007

I see little point in quad core myself at the moment especially given the price but its up to you, Intel dual core seems to me to be the best value, citadel is right about the graphics the 8500 considering the price is not that great a card and you'd be better off with something else.
Regarding your PC running slow do you do any housework, by this I mean defrag the drive ,running something like ccleaner, stopping programs running at startup when you don't need them to etc.
You also say you have a nvidia 256mb card but which one? And how much RAM do you have as that can make a huge difference.

  chrisintheuk 23:19 13 Aug 2007

4GB DDR2 800MHZ Ram.Sorry forgot to list.

  chrisintheuk 23:28 13 Aug 2007

I have the geforce fx 5700(old) and running with 1 gig of ram standard ddr.
I defrag- hard drive every 2 weeks.
Run cc cleaner every week.
When playing Battle Field 2142 the fans are going mad and every now and then stutters.
I presumed it would be a better option to buy a new pc rather than upgrade.
And if you think a dual core would be better I should get a good base unit for around £500.I have the monitor and speakers ect-.

  Totally-braindead 23:52 13 Aug 2007

Well I didn't know about the card. If you're really into games then the PC is probably getting to be a bit slow as some of the newest games are asking for a minimum spec of what yours is.

If you're not into the very latest stuff then you could just buy a decent card, the 7600GT is available on AGP for about £70 and it would make a big difference for games, the 5700 is very dated now.

However, if you did this the card would effectively die with the machine as a new PC would have PCI Express instead of AGP.

Its decision time for you I think. Only you know if its worthwhile to upgrade, if you're into games then the answer is probably not and you'd be better with a new machine. Something like this would be a reasonable start click here the one you are looking at I would want to know more about the company as theres no point saving some money if the warranty is worthless.

  chrisintheuk 00:02 14 Aug 2007

every one keeps telling me to go for a amd instead of the pent- as they are faster.I have only ever used the pent so I cant realy comment.What do you think? and yaes i think i am gonna invest in buying a new machine.

  Totally-braindead 18:54 14 Aug 2007

Better to stick to one thread, who keeps telling you to go for an AMD rather than an Intel and why. There is a difference in performance and power used by the different chips but what reasons do they give? I'm an AMD fan but from my point of view I never go for the top processors as they are usually far too expensive and I instead look for good performance and a good price. Best bang for the buck as they say. And for me at the moment I think the Intels are differcult to beat.

Have a read of this click here and this click here see what prices you can get and compare them for yourself using the interactive chart.

Compare performance versus price, see what a £100 Intel performs like against a £100 AMD etc etc and see whats the best value.

  citadel 19:03 14 Aug 2007

games like supreme commander benifit from quad and new games in the pipeline will also utilize quad.
amd are working flat out to get their new cpu's out so they can compete with intel.

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