Buying a Mesh pc?

  wolfie3000 13:38 04 Oct 2006

Is this a good idea?

For a while now iv been deciding to buy a new pc and found this one on the MESH site but with all the complaints in the forum would i be making a mistake?

click here

Should i trust MESH or should i look else where?

Are there any other pc sellers with a pc of the same spec?

  lisa02 13:51 04 Oct 2006

That's a tight bit of kit!

Alienware ? click here

  wolfie3000 13:56 04 Oct 2006


I forgot about Alienware thanks Lisa02

Looks like there cheaper than mesh also,

Looks like ALienware will be getting my order unless anyone else has a better system.

Im getting a gaming pc as i think mine has had its day now Lisa02 and i need to be sure that it will run windows vista when it comes out.

  lisa02 14:02 04 Oct 2006

It makes mine look like an abacus!

  wolfie3000 14:06 04 Oct 2006

Well lets put it this way your current pc will be better than the one i got now. lol

Just didnt want to struggle with a home build again so after alot of umming and aaahing i opted to buy one straight out of the box.

I will not buy a new pc until iv seen every system online so i can make an informed choice,
So i expect it will be months lol

  wjrt 14:09 04 Oct 2006

click here

download september catalogue and check the nforcer elite spec

  wolfie3000 14:13 04 Oct 2006

Thanks wjrt but couldnt find the 460 but some of the Diablo Range look to be in budget so i wil peruse there systems also.

  lisa02 14:18 04 Oct 2006

Every system?

It'll be never ending, you'll go on and on finding new ones, pick one from a reputable source that:

A) Has the spec and future proofing you need.
B) Has a competitve price tag, not just for the kit but customer service/support as well.

You get what you pay for, I don't mind paying a bit extra if the company is held in high regard for excellent customer service. Mesh isn't one of these companies...

Future proofing to me is: will it meet my needs for the foreseeable future and what upgrade options are there in the event it might not.

  wolfie3000 14:30 04 Oct 2006

Iv taken your advise on baord Lisa02 and it looks like alienware will be the one i buy for several reasons,

1 The free t-shirt and mouse pad.

2 There rigs just look so damm cool.

3 there customer service is highly rated.

4 you can customize the pc alot more than others.

5 the free t-shirt.

I know i said it twice but i think its a cool thing. lol

Well i expect i will do a bit more hunting round and see what i can find.

  def90csw 14:32 04 Oct 2006

Need more on whether to buy from Mesh click here

  wolfie3000 14:33 04 Oct 2006

lol i posted my comment on there just before you posted on here.

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