buying a mesh computer

  Liz1311 20:55 19 Mar 2004

i have been advised to purchase a mesh computer system and am now looking at your messages and getting worried. i wouldn't have a clue if something was missing unless i actually needed it.

I am only looking for a basic machine with an office programme and the technical things confuse me

I don't play games on it or have a need to download music etc.

i am just a simple geordie trying to better herself.

Please would someone also tell me what ability office means? is this totally different to Microsoft? Most importantly am I going to be able to understand it

Thanks guys

  Rob_E 21:53 19 Mar 2004

Hi Liz,

Well, if it helps I've bought two PC's, on seperate occasions, from Mesh in the past and never had any bother with them. They were both delivered on time, complete and working....and still do, had one about 4 years and the other about 2 1/2 years.

Ability office is not Microsoft Office...but it's other words you can create files with Ability Office and still use them in MS Office. And I'm sure you'll understand it if you've used MS office at all.

Mesh have been going for a while now and produce some great machines, and no supplier has a 100% perfect record...look at some of the other postings on here..

Good luck...

...another geordie

  byfordr 22:19 19 Mar 2004

Mesh are increasingly impressing more and more people on this forum. This is due to one thing - The every present Davey at Mesh support!

Mesh have always had keen prices, at times support has let them down. They seem to be taking active measures to address this, one of them is establishing a active presence on this forum. If you look at some of the recent postings and look at the speed Davey has replied to sort things out. I would definately consider Mesh for my next purchase.


  bluebird 22:24 19 Mar 2004

Ive recrntly bought a mesh pc and touch wood am impressed with the performance and value for money. Like the thread above davey is on hand with valuable help unlike other pc sales.

  spuds 23:03 19 Mar 2004

Davey of Mesh seems to answer most questions and problems with speed, so that alone would give the product extra brownie points in my books. The quantity of computers this company turns out is very high, so there are bound to be a few problem machines, like any other supplier that you may decide to use. Reading most post, it would seem as though the big failing is via the 'on-site' warranty, and how people and Mesh consider it.

  Sir Radfordin 23:13 19 Mar 2004

What makes a difference in my eyes is not that a product does sometimes have a fault or a human makes an error but how the supplier resolves it. In some cases the resolution seems to be more hassle than the problem was. Mesh seem to be working very hard at being the best at fixing problems.

Yes I know it would be even better if they didn't occur, but no-one is perfect, mistakes do get made so the least painful way for them to be resolved will keep me happy.

You could do a lot worse than buy from Mesh.

  deadneat 23:26 19 Mar 2004

Its nice to read without Mesh being hammered once again. I agree with byfordr. Go for it. I am sure Mesh will be ok. Good luck. PS you could always use this forum if you do have any problems :-)

  HXP 08:21 21 Mar 2004

Hi Liz,

I would buy from them again - support once you get through are excellent.

I won't run through my problems but it has ended with me having to send my 3 week old machine back DOA.

Having said that Mesh support Davey & Phil have been really good so I am hoping the replacement machine will be ok.

They won't replace the machine til they get the old one back - I asked them to do a swap when courier arrives - but they want the old machine ( which I paid for 6 weeks ago) before they send new one.It leaves me with a £1300 hole in my bank account & nothing in my hands for a few days.

Anyway Davey and Phil get top marks so buy from them in the confidence that if things do go wrong they are keen to sort things out


  Stuartli 08:48 21 Mar 2004

You must only have been reading the threads from those few who have had problems with Mesh - the thousands of others who are delighted very rarely put pen to paper...:-)

  TrustNoone 11:49 21 Mar 2004

You guys are so lucky! My MESH machine is in a plastic bag in the garage after the power supply went kaput 13 months ago! The machine was just the wrong side of the 3 year warranty. It was the sad end to a machine that had caused no end of trouble pretty much since the day I had bought it! The drivers disk was out of date, the hard disk died, the video had not been set up, and when I did need help I was on the phone for hours and hours. The techincal support guy who eventually turned up to fix the machine failed to plug in the cables and used (then left) with my screwdriver.

For these reasons I will never, ever buy from MESH again. I cannot recommend them because the I have no faith in their support systems!

On the other hand, my new HP Pavilion machine from John Lewis has been running perfectly right out of the box for almost 1 year! In fact, I needed the machine immediately because the MESH machine died a fortnight before a lecture need to be written (Powerpoint). I went to my local store, chose the machine and collected it within 3 hours! The warranty is 2 years return to base with the monitor having a separate 3 year warranty. Yes, the machine is more expensive than what I read in PCA for simialr specifications, but the components are all high quality - the games (Medal of Honor, Half Life, The Sims) I have all run beautifully too.

  deadneat 12:11 21 Mar 2004

I recon my 7 year old lad could change a power supply. MOH, HL etc would struggle on a 3 yr old pc anyway.

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