Buying laptop Need Help

  Dekka123 02:00 08 Dec 2008

I want a laptop I have a budget of £600. I want at least 2gb ram and a 17 inch Moniter. I will be using it mainly for surfing and some video editing and word processing. I would be gratefull for any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

  interzone55 09:00 08 Dec 2008

You'd be hard press finding a 17" screen laptop with a discreet VGA card under £600, so video editing may be a problem.

I just found a Samsung NP-R700 for £550 at Laptopsdirect, but they're sold out, probably because it's been replaced with the R710, which starts at £650.

I just bought my mother-in-law a Samsung R410 from John Lewis and I'm pretty impressed with the quality, so I'm adding Samsung to my list of preferred laptop suppliers (Toshiba, lenovo ThinkPad, Dell and now Samsung)

  DrATty 12:18 08 Dec 2008

Video editing is where you'll miss the power of a desktop. I find the disk drive is the bottleneck on my system, even using a striped RAID array.
Check your editing software. Some programs require 2 disks; one for the program and one for the data. The old version of Adobe Premier I have (6 I think) won't even install happily without 2 disks.

  Dekka123 14:08 08 Dec 2008

Thanks very much for your replies. I think I will up my budget a bit and have a look round.

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