Buying from dell?

  Tolks 22:04 30 Jul 2006

Hi, i'm hoping to buy a new computer. I'm looking for something easy so i thought dell would be a good idea even though there is a markup on their prices compared to building your own pc.
My budget is about £2000 give or take a bit so obviously spending this amount of money i want to make sure i get as much as possible for what i pay.
I was hoping someone could give me advice on a good system setup. After searching around dell I found alot of the components add similar prices to the total cost of the machine but there is no description as to how they differ (which is best basically) e.g:

Intel® Pentium® D 930 Dual Core Processor (3.00GHz, 800MHz, 2x2MB cache) [Included in Price]


Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6400 processor (2.13GHz, 1066MHz, 2MB cache) [add £35.25 or £1/month1]

(thats just the easiest example i could find, nothing to do with the setup i'm looking for) So i quickly became confused as to what the best setup for me would be.
Anyone help with this?

  dontmeshwithme 08:56 31 Jul 2006

Having looked at the website, with the kind of budget you have I am not sure I can recommend Dell. I find the offer excellent value for money on the cheaper (mass produced, economies of scale??) machines, but on the more expensive custom ones they are often behind the competition. Sorry.

  961 09:01 31 Jul 2006

It really depends on what you want to use the computer for.

Unless you are into speed gaming there is no need to spend anything like £2000. For example if you look at dimension desktop code 5150 List no D07515 with a dual core pentium D820 with a 250gb hard drive and 1024mb memory this can be had for around £300 without a monitor or £450 with 17" or £500 with 19" flat panel. It includes a separate graphics card and will basically do everything a computer does.

If you want higher quality dvd movie playback or plan to edit/work on video files you may want a higher spec. You can obviously add options and service choices that will increase the price but I'd start with the inexpensive box and work up to my chosen spec rather than set a high budget at the beginning

You'll be amazed what £1000 can get you these days

  Woolwell 11:03 31 Jul 2006

To echo 961 - it depends on what you want to use the computer for.
Also I tend to agree with dontmeshwithme in that for the more expensive builds then I would probably look elsewhere. Dell are reportedly difficult to upgrade unless you use Dell components.
Have you had a look at Evesham?

  silverous 14:04 31 Jul 2006

I tend to recommend Dell for your average home or work PC as they are good at that price point. For a higher budget such as yours I have used Evesham and Mesh myself in the past with good results.

  Tolks 15:28 31 Jul 2006

So whats the downside of shopping at Evesham, i checked the website and alot of the models seem to have better specs than the equivilant priced dells, so how come everyone doesnt shop there instead of dell? or do they?

Thanks for help so far!

  961 16:22 31 Jul 2006

So far as I know, no downside to shopping at Evesham. They have a good reputation

Equally, having bought from Dell I know they are on the ball if there is a problem

Both of these companies produce good stuff at good prices

Evesham is more into the retail market. Dell tends to sell by the hundred to business customers

Take your pick. Both can't afford to have duff systems

  Ivor_Monkey 16:31 31 Jul 2006

I have dells and an evesham.
You can get better specs from evesham for the money, but Dell are better for reliability / quietness.

Mnay compoentns on both can be easily upgraded (hard disks, graphic cards etc), but when it comes to psu and mobo, then Evesham pcs are easier to upgrade. But having said that I'm beginning to think that upgrading those things might be a fool's game when you see the low price of buying a whole new pc.

  Woolwell 16:50 31 Jul 2006

I have bought 6 Dell's and 2 Evesham's and one Packard Bell over the past 3 years (not all for me!). 5 of the Dell's have worked perfectly. Both Evesham's have given no trouble at all and to be fair neither has the Packard Bell. The 6th Dell was dead on delivery. They refunded me quickly but their call centre is in India. I had some problem getting the issue resolved at first perhaps as much my fault as theirs. Evesham call centre is in UK.
A 7th Dell is now 5 to 6 years old and is still going strong.

I generally agree with silverous but am wary of Mesh.

  Tolks 21:39 31 Jul 2006

Ok i really appreciate the help so far, one last thing and then ill stop annoying you all.
In terms of buying something thats too powerful for what i need im not too worried, my son likes to play games and stuff so he's bugging me to get a decent computer.
Anyone suggest what sort of specs i should be shooting for given my budget. Doesnt need to be exact but a generic kind of you'll need this, this and this at least + this is a good idea and this and this + finally if you want all bells and whistles this, this and this....

Thanks, as i said really appreciate the help and advice!

  dontmeshwithme 21:42 31 Jul 2006

Ok this is my take on the 4 major sellers that I have dealt with:-

Dell .. Very good for machines upto £1000, keep an eye out for the mass produced special offers. Very expensive for upgrades, ie an upgrade on a machine I looked at today was £50 to up a cd to DVD-RW, which is expensive. I use them mainly for the machines we have at work.
Evesham .. Had 2 home PC's from them, mainly as I had a local shop. Good after sales support, very good machines but not the cheapest.
PC World .. Only ever bought 2 machine from them a Packard Bell about 6 years ago which was not very good and a compac laptop in the last 4 months which was ok but I would have prefered a DELL. I have also found instore advice can be "shakey". Personally I use them for consumables and emergencies and thats about it, also it is usually cheaper to buy online and then collect in store???
MESH .. Some people love them, some hate them. It all seems to depend on whether you have had to use their customer support. I fall in to the second category. I can't recommend them until they sort out the customer support they offer. My advice to anyone buying from them is to call the customer service line prior to purchase and see how long it takes to get an answer. However there are a lot of people on here that use them and have never had a problem, they also tend to be the cheapest in terms of performance/£.

The last machine I purchased was from click here and I was very happy with it. I paid slightly more than I would have for an Evesham but I knew exactly what I wanted and they build it for me at a very competitive rate. Support was also excellent, both pre sales (on advising on which graphics card to opt for) and post sales.

I have tried to be fair and honest and comprehensive. I think I have covered most popular places to buy a pc as well, but there are probably hundreds of much smaller companies out there that you could also choose from.

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