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  smokemeakipper 06:44 21 Jul 2004

My auntie has asked me to build a pc, but after looking at some of the current deals in the papers it looks easier and maybe cheaper to but from one of these instead.I am currently looking at DELL, TINY.COM and EVESHAM. Has anyone got any recomendations as cost and value it the most important thing

  TomJerry 10:14 21 Jul 2004

For your auntie, it maybe better to go with a company with good customer. Some members here think EVESHAM is good, but I do not any experience.

As for Dell, the service is excellent if you are working for a large company or one of richest man in the world (no kidding), but I do not know how they deal with "small" individual customer. owns by Times Computers which is a big box shifter, and you can find out how they are doing in this formum.

PCWolrd is also not a bad place to look if you know what you want and be very very FIRM with shop assistant/manager. You can easily take back if anything wrong.

  rickimalone 14:41 21 Jul 2004

Look at Mesh there well worth a look at the moment.

Any company that you look into will have people that will never buy from them again and will tell you that there the worst company to buy from on earth. But as we know only those scorned are the one's out to tell other people and in reality the company's above sell 100,000's PC every year with the majority of the owners very happy.

Just research the product, ring the tech support line of the company that you might be buying from see how long your on hold.

Understand the terms and conditions of your purchase and ensure you know exactly what your getting for your money and what your not getting i.e "free customer support" & "recovery cd" find out how much this costs and how relevent to the purchase it is.

Buy with a credit card to gain consumer credit protection and all should be fine just take your time and get an informed purchase. But really if you look at all the above and are happy with the complete package:

Actual PC and Specs

Aftersales support

Recovery cd

Warrentee and returns conditions

and the cost if any of the above to you then just buy the PC you like, with your credit card at any of teh above stores.
But if your asking me Mesh would get my cash with the deals there doing at the here

  wee eddie 16:26 21 Jul 2004

You could do worse than taking her for a wander round PCW, Office World or Staples. She could then give you an idea of what really suits her.

I got my laptop from Comet, which is looked upon with disgust by the so called cognoscenti, but it was a good spec for the price and, touch wood, is still going strong 2 years later.

  pj123 19:28 21 Jul 2004

Two others to look at as well. click here and click here

  spuds 23:46 21 Jul 2004

Usually Dell have special offers in the weekly national newspapers, and some good savings can be had there, compared to their normal prices. Dell tend to specailise in the commercial market,so that must be an indicator as to the reliabilty of the product.

Mesh, Evesham also have a fairly good recommendation ratio via this forum. Both companies have a presence here, and most problems are usually solved in fairly quick time.

Personally I would go with wee eddie's, and take your aunt to one of the local known computer stores. Nothing like the question and answer session with the sales person, and the actual seeing and touching of the product. Also if she likes the computer, and purchases the machine, then she will be unable to blame you if things go wrong. Building your own could bring all types of worries at a later stage.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:33 22 Jul 2004

For what your auntie needs you only need to go to PCW. They have a selection from £299, you can 'play' with them, ther eis less hassle than ordfering one and waiting and you will be able to take your choice away. The specs will be more than she will ever need.


  wee eddie 01:26 22 Jul 2004

My vision of Aunty was a little old lady, slightly doddery with grey hair.

There is no reason that Aunty shouldn't be twenty something and wearing a crop top and micro skirt as she climbs into her Z3. She may also need a broadband connection as she is the founder member of some clan or other.

smokemeakipper - Please tell me. I neeed to know!

  smokemeakipper 06:26 22 Jul 2004

well wee eddie

my auntie is not a doddery old lady, and although i could build a pc it is getting harder as the big companies lower their prices. she wants the best specification at a price and does not want to be left with a something that is obsolete in 12 months time. i am looking for the best price in amd 64's and TINY have some good deals at the moment.

  helmetshine 07:31 22 Jul 2004


Sadly,anything you buy today will be obsolete in 12 months time.If you go the AMD64 route they don't at the moment support PCi-Express.If you go with Intel you can get PCI-Express,unfortunately their chips don't have the 64 bit extensions yet. Intel are also trying to promote a new form factor...BTX.Now i'm not saying that all or any of thse things will be standard in a years time but there's a good chance they will.Thats not a reason not to buy a PC now tho....if it does all you want now then it will still do so in a years time.

PS If you're going to go for the AMD64 try to get the 939 pin chip as all future Athlon64's will be 939 pin .The only chips in that variant at the moment are the 3500+,3800+ and some FX-53's

  simonp1 07:57 22 Jul 2004


So your looking for a Top spec pc...well by experience it cheaper to build it yourself. Plus you put in the qualitity components that you feel are important. My next PC which will be self built, will cost around £1200, but to purchase and i dont think as good as what im putting in it will cost me £1600.

click here

I use overclockers, and you can select all the parts you require for a pricing excersise. If you dont fancy building it, then as others have done, by all the bits yourself and get a local shop to fit it ( £75 ) still cheaper than buying.

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