Buying Advice - Toshiba Satellite Laptop

  wakers79 14:16 13 Aug 2009

New poster here and i'm after some advice.

I'm looking into buying a new laptop and have come across the following Toshiba Satellite:
click here

I wondered if anyone may be able to offer any advice as to whether it is a good choice.

I'm a very general user, basically want to browse the net, upload and store photos and mp3 files etc. Maybe use it for some basic word processing things.

I like the idea of the well known brand, 3gb memory, though ideally wanted a dual core processor rather than the celeron T3000, though I doubt, for what i'm using it for that it would make much difference.

I'm replacing a dell inspiron which i've had for the last 3 or so years which has been nothing but bother. I'm assuming Tosh is a reliable make and i like the idea that John Lewis are offering a free 2 year guarantee.

Any advice, good, bad or indifferent, would be most welcome.

Many thanks.

  ventanas 14:53 13 Aug 2009

I don't know the actual machine you refer to, but I replaced an Inspiron with a Toshiba last year (like you I got fed up with the Dell and binned it).
I liked the Toshiba so much I bought a second of their laptops, this time with a 17" screen, for use tethered to a camera.
I have had no problem with either machine.

  Taff™ 15:26 13 Aug 2009

click here= My neighbour has just ordered this one which should be delivered today and I`ll set it up over the weekend, so I`ll let you know what it`s like then. I`ve had Toshibas before and they are good.

This one has the Intel core 2 duo processor but only a 120Gb HDD and 1Gb RAM. Ordering an extra 1Gb stick (Not Fitted - you can do that yourself) costs less than £20 and to avoid a £10 delivery charge just order an accessory at the same time - she chose a wireless mouse at £18. The spare £60 you`ll have can buy an external 500Gb drive for storage!

  interzone55 16:40 13 Aug 2009

Don't know that particular model, and I'm having trouble finding the spec of the Celeron T3000 processor.

To be honest I'd avoid any PC or laptop that uses a Celeron, as they're usually budget models with limited capabilities.

Take a look at this Toshiba, also at John Lewis, it's got a bigger screen and most probably a better CPU

click here

By the way, I've got a Toshiba laptop and I'm very happy with it. Not quite up there with ThinkPads, but still very, very good...

  user8 16:47 13 Aug 2009

Suggest you have a look and see if you can get it cheaper at Staples.
They are currently doing some great bargains at the momment.
And 3 friends have all bought from them recently!

  Taff™ 09:54 15 Aug 2009

Arrived on Friday Morning and I`ve done the preliminary setup. For this money (£299) it`s a bargain and worth recommending to anyone who wants a basic computer. Far better than a Celeron processor and with the additional RAM boots up in less than 3 minutes.

The Cashback offer can only be applied for between 30 and 60 days after purchase - Toshiba are relying on you to forget to apply, be warned!

  Forum Editor 16:54 15 Aug 2009

for years - they have served me well, and I've never once had anything like a serious problem with one.

I have one now, and it's my favourite out of the three laptops I use regularly - the others are a Lenovo ThinkPad, and an Asus netbook. Buy a Toshiba and you're buying a machine made by a company that knows what its market is, and how to satisfy it.

Good luck with your new machine.

  WolframBlitzen 18:09 15 Aug 2009

Wakers: Toshiba are a pretty good brand, I've got one which I knock the hell out of and the only problem I had was after I dropped it and managed to bounce all of the keys out.

For what you do, it should be fine but you might want to consider a computer that doesn;t have a celeron or duron processor (do they even still make the durons??) Personally I would go for a pentium-class or higher but even so, it should do what you want it to do.

I agree with Forum editor when s/he says "Buy a Toshiba and you're buying a machine made by a company that knows what its market is, and how to satisfy it." Toshiba make just about every component inside the machine, since they have their fingers in many pies. This means, in my oppunion, that the computer is manufacturerd to one very high standard

Be aware though that some Toshibas in the L300 range have an issue with the power port falling inside the laptop. Toshiba are repairing computers that suffer this issue since it'ts purely down to lack of glue used and a manufactureing issue with the backet that holds the port in if the glue fails. It's not happening on all of them, just a very small number but the problem is there.

Only thing left to say now is that I hope you enjoy your new computer! :D

-The Blitz Man
Wolfram dot Blitzen at googlemail dot com

  wakers79 15:47 17 Aug 2009

Many thanks to you all for your comments. After carefully reading, i've been put off by the celeron processor on the L300-29V.

alan14 kindly referred me to the L350-17P which, at the same price, is a very good machine. I went to look at it today and I like it but I don't think I need a 17" screen as I wouldn't use it to watch movies. It was rather bulky too.

I came across the Samsung R519 at the same price, so I may plump for that. Anyone have any good or bad experiences of Samsung machines?

I don't remember it being this difficult to decide the last time I bought a pc!

Thanks to all for their comments.

  Forum Editor 17:52 17 Aug 2009

between a Toshiba laptop or a Samsung I would opt for the Toshiba every time.

  Taff™ 10:58 18 Aug 2009

Definitely the Toshiba rather than Samsung and I`m still sticking with my earlier recommendation. The neighbours machine is good value for the money and with the additional RAM is very quick.

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