Buying from abroad?

  rickf 10:47 04 Apr 2004

Hi All,
I am going to Canada next wk and wondered if I would have a pay custom and tax if I were to bring back a guitar less than £150. I know I can ring Customs but its Sunday and I need some info pretty quickly. Thanks in advance. People here might know the ANSWER.

  rickf 10:56 04 Apr 2004

Anyone? Or has everybody gone to Church or down at the pub?

:-) or Formula 1 or the FA cup semi later!

  rickf 14:47 04 Apr 2004

Now I know why I am not getting ant feedback to this urgent plea!

  rickf 14:47 04 Apr 2004

ant=any. Still need help today as I have to make a decision.

  spuds 15:03 04 Apr 2004

You might find the answer here click here I brought into the UK, a couple of 'musical' items approximately 2 years ago from South America. Had to pay duty on arrival, plus the airline charged extra for excess baggage. Didn't prove to be bargain buy's in the end.Make sure that the packing is secure, as the airline I used, would not allow these items as 'hand baggage', and they ended up in the hold, after a good security check.

  bremner 15:11 04 Apr 2004

click here. For the C & E regs.

  rickf 15:13 04 Apr 2004

Thanks spuds. Didn't think to use the web. Stupid of me. Old habits die hard eh?

  SEASHANTY 15:15 04 Apr 2004

UK Customs allowances for goods brought into the
UK from outside the E.U.
click here

  rickf 15:15 04 Apr 2004

Thanks bremner. Spuds, guess your goods cost more than £145 then? I want a guitar for about £145 which would seem to be exempt. What do you think?

  spuds 15:50 04 Apr 2004

The £145 allowance depends on the custom officers 'little book'and whether it is a 'low value proven gift'. In my case, I had all the receipts and paperwork, and the custom's worked out a favourable discount for me. I didn't actually pay for the goods, as they were a departing friendship token, but the customs still made a tax charge on their 'little book' calculations and findings.

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