Buyer beware

  Novice John 11:41 16 Jan 2005

After trying unsuccessfully on two occasions to elicit a written quote from DELL I bought your excellent magazine and read about MESH computers. In early Sept I was helped by a delightful and knowledgeable sales rep of MESH computers and ordered one of their machines.

It arrived on time and worked well. As a first time buyer who just wanted to burn my digital video onto DVD, I looked forward to using the PINNACLE STUDIO 9 SE included with the machine. However instead of the boxed version as advertised, there was only a single disk and no written instructions.It did not work. (Incidentally I thought that I had ordered boxed versions of MS Works Suite 2004 and Norton Internet Security, only single disks have been sent; see MESH advert). So I took advantage of the offer from PINNACLE to upgrade to the full Studio 9 version. As a beginner I expected to receive the "full" boxed version, including written instructions, that is sold in the shops. No chance! PINNACLE had just sent an upgrade over the internet. When the upgrade did not work I e-mailed them about the problems and received an "auto response" which in no way answered my problems.

When the keyboard, mouse and receiver failed, e-mailling was no longer an option, so I faxed MESH and Logitech for help. Logitech replied, helped me solve the problem and even informed me that the receiver MESH supplied only two months ago was an obsolete model! Needless to say MESH have yet to contact me,at the time of writing.

So I am left with two versions of PINNACLE STUDIO 9 which have yet to work, £39.99 out of pocket and rather shamefaced at being so gullible at my time of life.If there are any other pensioners like me who see glossy adverts for MESH computers or PINNACLE Studio 9 may I respectfully suggest that they should never judge a book by its cover.

Thanks to you for your helpful magazine, to Logitech for the help they need not have given and lastly to MESH and PINNACLE for the practise I have had with my typing skills

  spuds 13:20 16 Jan 2005

Generally speaking, most of the bundles sold with computer packages are 'lite' versions, this usually means 'not the full product'.The bundled versions are supplied as a taster product for possible upgrades,to a latest issue.The same rule is also evident with the operating system cd's, and that most manufacturers nowadays only supply a recovery disk, sometimes free and sometimes a charge is requested for this cd.You will not receive a full retail pack, and I think this should be made clear in advertising of computers, but very often this is not the case, hence your possible confusion.

If you want to take this issue up with Mesh, then contact their PCA forum representative [email protected]

With reference to your Dell query, you will find that Dell have a configuration system built into their website, so that you can obtain specifications for a machine suitable to your needs.Sometimes this is not possible, as Dell do not build 'one-offs'.All their machines are production line models, with very slight adaptions as per their configuration system.The submit quote is usually the written quote that Dell use in the supply of their products.

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